Creationist Wisdom — Example 55

YOUR Curmudgeon brings you a gem from the “Letters” section of the Belfast Telegraph, which has the the largest circulation of any newspaper in Northern Ireland. Today’s marvel is entitled Evidence of a young Earth.

We’ll copy the letter in its entirety, omitting only the writer’s name and city, and we’ll add our Curmudgeonly commentary between the excerpted paragraphs. The bold font was added for emphasis. Here we go:

[The writer of a letter appearing on 3 July] should realise that Old Earth/Day-Age /Gap Creationism are at odds with both the Bible and scientific observation, just as the evolution and big bang hypotheses are.

Oh, baby! This is gonna be a good one. Let’s read on:

By the mention of evening and morning and a number for each day in Genesis 1, the author is clearly indicating 24-hour days. To say that long ages are represented also contradicts, among other passages, the fourth Commandment on keeping the Sabbath: “Six days shalt thou labour, for in six days the Lord made heaven and Earth”.

Yup! That’s exactly what the book says. We continue:

Scientific research shows that all multi-cellular organisms are slowly, but inexorably, losing genetic information and from this it can be shown that life cannot be more than a few thousand years old.

Fantastic! And now we come to the end:

There is abundant evidence from astronomy pointing to a young universe. For example, the small number and development stage of supernova remnants which, if billions of years old, should be long dead but are still active.

[Writer’s name and city can be seen in the original.]

All those novae are still active! Who knew?

What keeps us going is that these letters are endlessly variable. There’s always a new way to misunderstand reality.

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9 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 55

  1. Can this genius explain to me *exactly* how we are losing genetic information?

    I guess I didn’t learn that while I was getting my master’s degree in molecular bio/neuroscience at Columbia…

  2. I think it’s something sexual. Use your imagination. He fears that he’s losing “information” every day.

  3. Ha! So that’s why the bible has a ban on “spilling one’s seed”…


  4. Before it can be determined that there is a loss or gain in information there has to be a way of measuring it. I’ve asked several times, at several different sites, for any creationist to show how their version of information is measured. The universal answer has been ‘huh?’. Followed by ‘doh!’.

    It is good to see that all of the responses to that opinion piece have called it like it is, garbage.

  5. Where do you draw the line between willful ignorance and stupidity?

  6. longshadow

    “Mandrake, have you ever heard of ‘loss of genetic information’?”

  7. I knew you’d figure it out, Longie. Purity of essence information!

  8. Benjamin Franklin

    Curmudgeon, you’re gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company.

  9. Someone should tell that guy that the earth’s rotational period varies (slightly) from year to year, that the solar day, sidereal day, and stellar day are all different lengths, and that none of them are exactly 24 hours.