Creationist Wisdom — Example 57

YOUR Curmudgeon once again brings you the view from Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of creationist wisdom. They have a new article by a guest writer, Tommy Lohman, who runs this website: Creation Connection Ministries.

Lohman’s article at the AIG website is this: From Ancient Dinosaurs to Biblical Truth: A Testimony. It’s a thrilling account of how one man resolved the terrible conflict between a literal reading of Genesis, and what he had been taught about the long ago age of dinosaurs. This is a fascinating tale of spiritual anguish. We’ll give you some excerpts, with bold font added for emphasis. Here we go:

As a child, I was free to discover the world I lived in, oblivious to any dangers. One of the greatest dangers to my childhood exploration was being unable to filter out images and stories that were not true. Hidden within my dinosaur books, movies, and visits to museums was a misleading philosophy, telling me the world was very old and that life evolved “naturally” if given enough time. To my young mind, this sounded reasonable enough.

How horrible! He was being led astray by his dinosaur books. His mind was being poisoned! Let’s read on:

The philosophy planted in my mind was the story of evolution, which claims millions of years as its greatest ally. The “poster child” for this propaganda is dinosaurs. In science halls and academia across America and throughout the world, dinosaurs are presented as a prehistoric proof of evolution. As a child, I assimilated statements like “long, long ago,” “millions of years ago,” and “when dinosaurs ruled the earth” as fact, unaware I was building a worldview that was against God’s Word.

How easily the young are seduced by the evils of Darwinism! We continue:

Unguided at home and church, my belief about the age of the earth and the history of dinosaurs consisted of what I learned through my education and entertainment. I believed that scientists and paleontologists, backed by college educations and hours of fieldwork, were unbiased and open-minded. Therefore, I believed dinosaurs lived and died over 65 million years ago and that dinosaurs and man, separated by millions of years, never lived together.

Christianity and evolution were separate parts of my life. I did not realize the underlying humanist worldview of evolution rejected God as Creator and Sustainer of all life.

We’ve seen so many references to the diabolical humanists that we finally had to look them up: Humanism. Wikipedia’s long article begins with this:

Humanism refers to a philosophy centered around humankind. The word dates from the nineteenth century and refers to a broad category of ethical philosophies that affirm the dignity of humankind, based on the ability to determine right and wrong by appealing to rationality, while tending to reject the supernatural or the divine authority of religious texts.

We see the problem. Here’s more from AIG:

At their most elemental levels, there are only two worldviews with which one can evaluate all aspects of life. One is biblical; the other is humanist. The first accepts God and His Word; the latter rejects Him. There is no real middle ground.

We’re not sure that those are the only choices. One can always be a Curmudgeon and grump about everything. Moving along:

I was seventeen when my worldviews collided. I believed dinosaurs had evolved over long ages (4.6 billion years), while also believing God spoke everything into existence in six 24-hour days. Not only were these worldviews inconsistent, I also realized they were incompatible! Seeking the help and advice of my pastor, I asked him, “Where do you put millions of years and dinosaurs into the Bible?”

Ah, now we get to the exciting part — it sounds like an old movie title: When Worldviews Collide! We can’t stop now. What advice did the preacher give him?

While I do not remember his exact words, the essence of the pastor’s polite response was, “I don’t know.” Assuming this was one of the “mysteries of God,” I walked away from the conversation—and a most important part of the Bible: the foundational book of Genesis. I continued attending church, but I failed to grow as a disciple of Christ. Still seeing the inconsistencies between the two worldviews, I was spiritually unequipped to defend the Bible and refute humanism.

It pains us to imagine that young man’s torment. Here’s another excerpt:

It is well documented that the battle of worldviews causes some to reject the Bible and follow the teaching of secular science, while others simply slide into apathy. Inevitably, one worldview will dominate our thinking. Sadly, man’s fallible opinion often wins.

So how did it all work out? On with the article:

God brought me back to His Word in an unusual and unorthodox manner. In 1993, a movie was released called Jurassic Park. Because of my childhood interest with dinosaurs, I went to see it. Though the plot teaches evolution, I reflected on the movie and realized there was more to dinosaurs than I had been taught. They were not a mystery; they were merely animals!

Verily, an astounding intellectual breakthrough! Continuing:

Driven to find the truth, I began studying the Bible in earnest, starting with the book of Genesis. God revealed my need to have a biblical worldview about every area of life, standing on the authority of God’s Word “from the very first verse.”


No longer a book of unconnected “stories,” I began to read the Bible as the true history of the world, and dinosaurs became simple to understand. According to John 1:3 and Colossians 1:16, God created everything. Recognizing that dinosaurs were land animals, I returned to the creation account in Genesis 1 and realized the simple truth that God created these fascinating animals on the sixth day of creation; they did not evolve.

Ah! Now it’s all clear. There’s more to the article. Click over to AIG to experience it in its fullness. It’s so heartwarming when one of these spiritual struggles has a happy ending.

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14 responses to “Creationist Wisdom — Example 57

  1. Let’s ask creationists this question–

    If the dinosaurs died out in the great flood, then they weren’t on the ark.

    If they weren’t on the ark, then Noah disobeyed God’s command to put two of every species on the boat in addition to 7 of the domesticated species.

    So which is it?

    (hint: the flood didn’t happen and the mounds of evidence for an old earth are being willfully ignored by YEC-ers)

  2. LRA asks: “If the dinosaurs died out in the great flood, then they weren’t on the ark.”

    No problem. The answer is at AIG: What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? Short answer: They were on the Ark, but because of sin and the Fall, they died out.

  3. The Gadfly

    LRA wrote:
    “(hint: the flood didn’t happen and the mounds of evidence for an old earth are being willfully ignored by YEC-ers)”


  4. New question, then:

    Given that we know the approximate dimensions of the ark, explain how thousands and thousands of huge dinosaurs fit on it!?!? Part II- explain how food was stored for these giants who would have easily eaten thousands of pounds of food per day (as elephants eat around 300 lbs of food a day).

  5. LRA asks: “Given that we know the approximate dimensions of the ark, explain how …”

    AIG has all the answers: Caring for the Animals on the Ark.

  6. But they could explain it all away as a miracle. Heck, a rowboat would have been good enough, assuming enough miracles to keep ‘er afloat.

    But yet they feel as though they have to show it is physically possible for the ark to obey the laws of nature. Deep down inside they are all evolutionists…

  7. omg. AIG claims that genetic variation could result in speciation *but that this is not evolution*!!!

    Haaaaaaahaaahahahahaaahaaaahaa! *wipes tear away*

    Wow, how stoopid can they get?

  8. Wait– let me answer my own question…

    They actually claim on that second link that the largest animal on the ark would have only weighed a few hundred pounds!!! Heck, a COW weighs more than a few hundred pounds, and an elephant weighs up to 20,000 lbs! How much would a large dinosaur weigh?

    *shakes head*

  9. Wait, sorry– they claim that the vast majority of animals would have weighed less than a few hundred pounds– but they still don’t explain how the wooden planks on their rickety little boat could support the weight of a 20,000 lb elephant, let alone a dinosaur that is considerably larger and would not even fit in the model they propose.

  10. The “wise” creationist wrote: “As a child, I assimilated statements like ‘long, long ago,’ ‘millions of years ago,’ and ‘when dinosaurs ruled the earth’ as fact, unaware I was building a worldview that was against God’s Word.”

    Oops. Someone better tell Michael Behe that his worldview is against God’s word. Oh wait, he must know it already; he did say that reading the Bible as a science text was silly.

  11. Short answer: They were on the Ark, but because of sin and the Fall, they died out.

    And why the dinosaurs and not other animals? Why, because a world with dinosaurs would be far too awesome to be postlapsarian.

  12. I am appalled that AIG even exists. Big thanks to Mr. Curmudgeon for posting these little slices of insanity. I am glad someone else visits the crazy so I don’t have to (although sometimes it is like a pileup on the freeway, you just have to stop and gawk).

  13. Ha! Creationist rubbernecking, ftw!

  14. LRA-
    Without looking at AIG (blah), the ‘only few hundred pounds’ claim probably assumes the ark animals were not yet adult. In terms of fixes its a band-aid on a leg amputation, but there you go…