Darwin & Evolution: The View From Africa

WE sometimes feel that we neglect news from Canada, the UK, and other parts of the world, so to remedy that problem we present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from a scholarly article titled: EUREKA EUREKA, which appears at the website ModernGhana.com.

The author of this remarkable article is Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.). We found some extensive information about him here: Biography of Desmond Ayim-Aboagye, for example:

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye was born in a big town in the Eastern Region of Ghana called Begoro. He was the oldest of eight children.


Already at the Secondary School Desmond had distinguished himself as a scholar with many talents. He was on top in his class in subjects such as Mathematics, Add Maths, Physics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and History. But it was in Physics, Geography and History that he excelled …


… Desmond did additional studies in the physics and the philosophical works of such men as Sir Isaac Newton, James Clark Maxwell, and Albert Einstein. Through the diligent examinations of these scholarly works he propounded his own theories, namely:

1) The Principle of Non-Discrimination Law
2) The Theory of Alliance and Discriminology
3) The Theory of Superiority Complex
4) The Theory of Adaptability
5) The Theory of the Blood Language
6) Minutron Theory

That’s just a sampling of what awaits you when you explore the life and work of Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.), but let us now turn to the article which caught our attention. We’ll give you a few excerpts, with bold added by us. It begins with an introduction about how this beautiful world is torn by violence, which religion has failed to control. Then:

The purpose of this piece of work is to illuminate on the fact that; the knowledge of the present descendants of the African Albinos that populated the European continent, and later moved to America, Australia, and other parts of the world would save the world from continuing violence. This is because the making of weapons by them to destroy themselves and other enemies of the world through manipulations that had shaken the world for centuries would now subside. Concrete plans will soon be underway to guarantee that the world become peaceful, devoid of conflicts in order to ensure that justice and true equality would prevail.

This is an ambitious intellectual undertaking. Let’s read on:

Even though Darwin’s work created problems for some people, particularly the Christians and the Church as whole, its central truth regarding the hypotheses he provided that challenged the basic principles of the Biblical story of creation could not be put aside lightly. In this twenty-first century, there is more illuminating light on this theory regarding how the original men lived and spread in the pioneer continent that even assures us that Darwin was right and his theory was perfect. But the problem with Darwin’s theory was that when he created it in the presence of the world and many scholars of his day, he failed to make any connection with direct descendants of the people of Europe to the original Africans living today in the African continent.

So that was Darwin’s problem. We continue:

According to Darwin, the evolution that occurred long time ago finished and there emerged a distinct species of the people living in Europe. Whether he was aware of the African Albinos in Africa that time or not, we do not know. But it is possible that he was aware but did not want to make known to his sceptical audience at that century that was filled with copious criticisms. The Europeans were a species that occurred, a distinct one that migrated and left Africa for more than 60 000 years ago. But the idea that the “so-called white species” were a distinct group that left Africa for good baffled me, and as a result, I spent considerable number of years researching. This led me to the study of Genetics and other essential scientific principles to aid me comprehend this baffling question of human ancestry.

How very odd. We read Darwin to say that all humans were one species. Perhaps we misunderstood. Here’s more from Desmond Ayim-Aboagye:

In the twenty-first century, this gigantic theory that the species that inhabited the continent of Europe were a distinct one that evolved and left for good from Africa, is no longer appealing to our conception. … So the hypothesis I drew was first stated like this:

The author’s hypothesis is then presented in bold and underlined, so it must be very important. It’s this:

If species could evolve in a certain period in history, then with the prevalence of the same conditions and adequate human resources in the same environment, it should be possible to repeat itself in the same milieu.

Okay. Moving along:

My work, as a scholar and scientist, was to point out that continuity could exist and that can dispel the magical aspects or elements in Darwin’s Theory, which should be discarded in order to concentrate on the principle of continuity concerning the species in current context of Africa. There is no breakage or a halt for we perceive what is happening in our very eyes as something that deserves to be mentioned and should in the near future compel us to develop a better theory concerning the theory of man.

It’s difficult for your Curmudgeon to comprehend the full implications of this article, so we’ll skip much of the material and give you the final paragraph:

The knowledge of this illusory superiority cautions the world and its leading power structure at the moment to lead and abolish the pretentious superiority that has activated the exploitation we see going on in the world. People should begin looking for lucrative ventures to invest their money for the manufacturing of weapons, which certain countries do deliberately in order to create wars in those ignorant religious adherents quarters. We care less about how this may be supporting them, but know that the knowledge of these myths shall one day put an end to all these manipulations that prevail in the world at the moment.

So there you are. Desmond Ayim-Aboagye is rejecting “the magical aspects or elements in Darwin’s Theory,” and instead he’s looking to manufacture weapons. There is much to think about here.

Addendum: Somewhat related: Islamic Creationism in Africa.

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4 responses to “Darwin & Evolution: The View From Africa

  1. Does he mention anything about “preserving the purity of our Precious Bodily Fluids” anywhere in his works?

    Just wondering…

  2. retiredsciguy

    His writing style sounds suspiciously like the emails I keep getting from Nigeria…

  3. If evolution is true and humanity is the pinnacle of the evolutionary process, why does a process as basic as human reproduction fly in the face of everything that evolution holds true? Does it?

  4. lewis thomason

    My brain hurts and I still don’t understand any thing I read.