Islamic Creationism in Africa

IF you were intrigued by our earlier article, Darwin & Evolution: The View From Africa, then we have an even bigger treat for you, dear reader: Nigeria police claim victory over radical sect.

This is from the Associated Press, and the word is that AP is very fussy about people copying their material. Therefore, we’ll excerpt just four sentences from their story — those which are of particular interest to us. We added the bold font:

Nigerian officials said Mohammed Yusuf, the leader of the sect some call the Nigerian Taliban, was killed after being captured Thursday night at the end of a four-day manhunt.


A university graduate, Yusuf had discounted Darwin’s theory of evolution, claimed the world cannot be round because the Quran does not say that and credited Allah with creating rain.


Officials said Yusuf was found Thursday in a goat pen at his in-laws’ home in the northern town of Kernawa.


Leading Nigerian rights groups accuse security forces of killing bystanders and other civilians before and during the Wednesday siege of Boko Haram’s compound. … [Boko Haram] means “Western education is sin” in the local Hausa language.

It’s comforting to know that creationism is a grand and glorious international movement. Teach the controversy!

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2 responses to “Islamic Creationism in Africa

  1. Nigeria is one of the major Cesspools of the World and I hope it collects all the Creationist Intelligencia. That way Nature can have Her way with them.

  2. Interestingly, Islamic creationism has no “young earth” tradition, but since this guy was a full-blown flat-Earther anything goes.

    Anecdotally, I had a house mate from Nigeria during my postdoc days, and he was the nicest fellow you could hope to meet.