“Weekly Standard” Going Creationist?

THIS is about something that’s likely to have a significant impact in the future. At the Newsmax website we read: Weekly Standard Sold for $1 Million. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. has sold The Weekly Standard to Christian conservative billionaire Philip Anschutz — so the magazine’s right-wing viewpoint is unlikely to change.

The deal’s reportedly modest price tag, $1 million, is not surprising since the magazine has never been profitable since it was founded in 1995.

Very interesting, you say, but you’re wondering what this has to do with the evolution-creationism controversy. Let’s read on:

Anschutz, with a fortune estimated at close to $8 billion, already owns The San Francisco Examiner and The Washington Examiner newspapers.

When will we get to The Controversy? It’s coming:

Anschutz has been an active patron of a number of religious and conservative causes. He helped fund Colorado’s 1992 Amendment 2, which was designed to overturn state and local laws prohibiting discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation.

Come on, Curmudgeon — get with it! Okay, here it is:

He has also helped fund the Discovery Institute, which promotes intelligent design and criticizes evolution, and the Parents Television Council, an organization that protests against what it views as television indecency.

So there you are. The Weekly Standard, of which the two top editors are William Kristol and Fred Barnes, is now likely to be taking a sharp turn toward creationism. Add that to Forbes’ promotion of creationism, and the Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News, and probably some other moves of which we’re unaware, and things don’t look good.

Our nightmare is coming true. The two-party system in America will be offering a choice between socialists and creationists. Isn’t that grand?

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11 responses to ““Weekly Standard” Going Creationist?

  1. Our friends at Little Green Footballs have mentioned this post. Welcome, green people.

  2. comradebillyboy

    Sadly, the republican party has been drifting to the fringe for a long time now. As for me, I’ll take the socialists over the creatonist theocrats any day.

  3. It’s remarkable to me how many on the American right have mistakenly thought “Rupert Murdoch is our friend.”

    In the UK, where the News International titles switched from Conservative to Labour support in the 1990’s, we’ve not been under such illusions for a long time.

    Murdoch could have taught Hearst things about Yellow Journalism.

  4. “Isn’t that grand?” It could be, if you Americans would overcome your fear of socialism (assuming that fear is real and not just generated by the pro-billionaire media) long enough to look at it working. In various Scandinavian countries, for instance.

  5. David, please don’t try to defend or promote socialism here. Okay? Just don’t.

  6. comradebillyboy

    I think Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard has always been a fundamentalist christian creationist. Bill Kristol has the worst track record on political predictions of any DC pundit in my lifetime. Will the magazine under Anschutz really be worse than it is under Murdoch?

  7. comradebillyboy says: “I think Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard has always been a fundamentalist christian creationist.”

    Maybe so, but that’s entirely his private business. What I wouldn’t want to see is the magazine’s promoting junk science, attacking the rational enterprise of genuine science, and making such foolishness an essential feature of being a Republican. That will delight the party’s so-called base — but it will also delight the dems, because it will repel the rest of the population and assure that the Republican party will never be more than a regional movement.

  8. A million?! Anschutz got horribly ripped off!!! Weakly Standard’s worth maybe $.39 after putting Palin topless on the cover.

  9. comradebillyboy


    I don’t want to see them push junk science either. But I know nothing about Mr. Anchutz so I don’t really have a feel for what sort of editorial policies he might impose. Now the big question is: can the Republicans win with the current base or do they have to move away?

  10. Creationism Versus Evolution discussed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NyT7eDmMGA

  11. comradebillyboy

    very amusing