Ben Stein: Expelled by the New York Times

THIS has been whispered about in the blogosphere for a day or two, but we’ve refrained from mentioning it until it was reported by some reasonably reliable press source. Here are some excerpts from Ben Stein loses NY Times column over endorsement, which appears in the Times-Picayune. The bold font was added by us:

Monotone TV personality Ben Stein has been stripped of his Sunday New York Times business column because of his work as a pitchman for a credit monitoring company.

Were this a perfect world, Stein would have lost all credibility after his shameful performance in Expelled; but the world is far from perfect. Let’s read on:

New York Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis released a statement Friday that said the newspaper decided it would not be appropriate for Stein to pitch for while writing his column.

We don’t traffic in rumors here, but if you Google around on that company’s name you can figure out why it’s a controversial operation. One more excerpt:

Earlier this year, Stein withdrew as the University of Vermont’s commencement speaker over complaints about his critical views of evolution in favor of intelligent design.

We somehow didn’t write about that. But we did write: Ben Stein Speaks at Liberty University.

Anyway, why get your creationism from a disgraced pitchman like Stein, when you can bypass the middleman and go right to the experts in Seattle?

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12 responses to “Ben Stein: Expelled by the New York Times

  1. To me the Ben Stein saga is just so sad. He’s gone from respectable business and policy commentator to anti-science pitchman, then pitchman for a terrible product that no one should buy. I’m always troubled by these cases (like Lou Dobbs). What causes someone to lose their mind later in life. Could it happen to me????

  2. Newcomer asks: “Could it happen to me????”

    You know what they say … The mind is the second thing to go.

  3. On the Free Score website it says Ben Stein is an “Economist and Financial Expert”. Should read “Economist and Financial Expert, recently fired from the NYT for endorsing this product.”

  4. lewis thomason

    He is still on TV with the same ad. I think the weather channel.

  5. If Ben Stein is a “Financial Expert”, then he is only under the classical definition of “Expert:” A former drip under pressure.

  6. Didn’t I see this guy amongst the business “gurus” on Fox? If so, then perhaps it wasn’t as strange a mix as I thought.

  7. Yeah, Fox likes Ben Stein.

  8. retiredsciguy

    He’s also been doing a boatload of TV skits for Comcast Cable with Shaq O’Neal.

  9. Curmudgeon wrote: “Yeah, Fox likes Ben Stein.”

    Im my experience, which may or may not be representative, even the liberal side of the media gives a tremendous advantage to pseudoscience, and thus creationism. One of the first articles I read about Michael Behe (~1998) was in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I remember being appalled that they gave him the last word – a slap in the face to the real scientists who conduct the actual research in the field.

  10. Frank J says: “… even the liberal side of the media gives a tremendous advantage to pseudoscience …”

    Every prophet needs a scribe.

  11. I know its a little harsh considering the totality of his work, but any chance Ben Stein wins a Buffoon award in the near future for his work on the Expelled film?

  12. Newcomer asks: “… any chance Ben Stein wins a Buffoon award in the near future for his work on the Expelled film?”

    He’s certainly a contender. We’re waiting for his next brilliant move. Can’t give the award out too casually, or it loses its value.