Anna Falling: Tulsa’s Creationist Savior

WE recently reported about a rip-roaring political campaign in Oklahoma: Tulsa Mayor Candidate: Creationism Issue #1. At the end of that post we said: “This is a campaign that should be worth watching.”

Therefore, dear reader, we are delighted to inform you that the creationist candidate for mayor is back in the news. Tulsa World, the daily newspaper for Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the second-most widely circulated newspaper in the state, has this item: Anna Falling wants the Creation story at the Tulsa Zoo. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The Tulsa Zoo, which displays a variety of pagan gods and pushes the theory of evolution, should have room for a display concerning Creationism, mayoral candidate Anna Falling said.


“By rejecting the Creation exhibit at the zoo, God has been dishonored,” Falling said. “By placing the images of other gods and creation stories, excluding the Biblical account of Creation, the city has challenged the First Amendment that states that… Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …

“Is the city of Tulsa respecting one religion over another and prohibiting the free exercise thereof?

That lady knows what’s important. Let’s read on:

Is there any coincidence that this is our First Amendment and Abraham Lincoln used the Declaration of Independence as a framework for interpreting the Constitution?”

Uh … that amendment is first because the Bill of Rights originally contained twelve amendments. All twelve were passed by the first Congress and sent to the states for ratification. The states rejected the first and second, so what had originally been number three became number one. Is that the “coincidence” to which the lady refers? And in order to keep this blog reasonably civil and on point, let’s not discuss Lincoln and the Constitution.

We continue with the Tulsa World article:

Falling said moral decline parallels the abandonment of the Christian values that America was founded on. “We wonder why Tulsa has nearly twice the national average for violent crimes or the police have been called over 9,000 times in the last 4 years to the Tulsa Public Schools,” Falling said. “Where God is not honored at any level, we see the results of these decisions.”

Jeepers, maybe she’s right! It could be that a model of Noah’s Ark at the zoo would solve those problems. Hey, why not rebuild the whole zoo as one gigantic Ark? Visitors could walk across a gangplank, enter through a little door, and see the animals just as Noah and his family did. Yes — give peace a chance!

Here’s more:

Falling, co-founder of Cornerstone Assistance Network, a Christian organization, said it is entirely appropriate to raise this issue in a mayoral campaign. “Why not?,” Falling asked. “Any leader seeking to be in any office — public or private — must humble themselves and call upon the Lord first. This is why this is the first stop on our public campaign. Our city must restore the foundation of faith necessary to rebuilding wholeness in Tulsa by choosing board members who will honor God, love His creation and care about this community by restoring focus on faith and family.

“Specifically, I will look for board members who will not only prosper this zoo tremendously in attendance and improve this zoo’s condition and appearance, but we will also look for people who want to characterize the origins of both man and animals in a way that honors the Judeo-Christian science that proves God as creator.

“Unless we find ways to engage the church back into public policy decisions we will be lost as a city, state and nation.”

It’s probably best that we make no comment. The candidate’s words are sufficient. Moving along:

What are we doing today to recognize the Creator and call upon Him to intervene in our city struggles? How are we to pursue the Creator’s plans for us — plans to prosper us and not to harm us? Unless God’s people come together in this city to undergird our leaders and our city in prayer — we will continue to decline as a community.

We must do this in order that our streets are safer, budgets are balanced, land use and infrastructure are determined wisely for all of Tulsa so that we all have a shot at the ‘pursuit of happiness.’

This woman has got what it takes! On with the article:

Unless the churches of Tulsa are brought into City Hall to begin to address our community’s greatest ills — the City of Tulsa will go bankrupt, spiritually, morally and financially,” Falling said.

One last excerpt:

Zoo officials said the issue is dead and they will not put up the Creation display.

O how faithless! Wait — this is at the article’s end:

Falling has a petition on her campaign website [link to her campaign website is dead] for anyone who wishes the Creation story to be displayed at the zoo.

Your Curmudgeon supports Anna Falling. We’re always looking for good blog material.

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7 responses to “Anna Falling: Tulsa’s Creationist Savior

  1. Every once in a while I get the Machiavellian urge to hope one of these folks succeeed, entirely, so that their city/county/whatever can serve as an abject lesson for others.

    Then I realize two things. One, such a lesson would collatorally hurt a lot of innocent people. Two, evidence of social failure would be ignored by fundamentalists just like evidence of evolution is ignored.

    So, nice day dream, but in reality we just have to fight these folks so they don’t win.

  2. I left this comment at her site:

    “I fully support a Biblical Creation exhibit. But I want both old-earth and young-earth versions. And a scientific critical analysis of both.”

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

  3. Frank J says: “My comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Good luck.

  4. Is she running for mayor or archbishop?

  5. Gumlegs, you can visit the great lady’s blog. It’s here at wordpress:

    Let’s Transform Tulsa Together

  6. Curmudgeon wrote: “Good luck.”

    It’s still not there. On the last creationist site that I left a polite comment it appeared but was quickly deleted. Another comment on that thread politely complained about deletions. The author replied that all “personal attacks” would be deleted. I replied that my comment was not a personal attack but was deleted anyway. My 2nd comment remained there for the day or 2 that I kept checking. I should have added “thou shalt not bear false witness.”

  7. Update: My 2nd comment on that other site is also deleted. So I did leave this one for fun:

    “Tom, Greg, and Franz: Please stop attacking [the author]. It’s not his fault that he is unaware of the Commandment that forbids bearing false witness. ;-)”