New Harun Yahya Interview

We’ve written several times before about Harun Yahya, the high-profile Turkish creationist whose real name is Adnan Oktar. See, for example: Harun Yahya — Islamic Creationist, a good introduction. Then see: Discovery Institute: Food Fight with Harun Yahya, in which the Discoveroids squirm to pretend that their own brand of creationism is somehow different from the openly religious Islamic version. And don’t miss the ever-popular Harun Yahya Offers Eight Trillion Dollar Prize!

Now, dear reader, we present some excerpts from a new interview with Harun Yahya which appears at the website of Pakistan Daily, an online news agency “dedicated to spreading positive image of Pakistan.” The title is Harun Yahya preaches Islam, slams Darwin and awaits Jesus.

The interview is a bit chaotic, and sometimes it’s difficult to determine where a question ends and the answer begins, but we’ll do our best to select a few of the more interesting excerpts. The questions appear in bold font.

Why fight Darwinism?

Darwinism and materialism are at the root of all disasters. At the root of Masonism and fascism. Its destruction also meant the destruction of nationalism and fascism. This has been a very dramatic change before the coming of Jesus Christ. This is also the destruction of Marxism.

Fighting Darwin is “the destruction of Marxism”? Okay. Let’s read on:

Do you work with United States creationists?

Years ago, they came to our conferences. But creationism in the U.S. is not as powerful. It doesn’t have very sound scientific foundations. Our creationism is much stronger. It has better foundations and is much more influential. For example, they say the world has another 7,000 years to go. But this is not scientific and they show no evidence for this. This shows how weak their system is.

He’s right — US creationism isn’t very scientific. We continue:

Do you support “intelligent design”?

The intelligent design system seems very insincere to me. It’s the product of a weak belief system. Everything was created by Allah and we have scientifically proven this.

They just don’t say that God did it. Don’t you believe that?

It is obvious that this is insincere. If one believes that Allah has created the world, he should say so openly. Avoiding this only creates suspicion. Just saying some power has created this will be annoying for people who sincerely believe in Allah.

The Discoveroids can’t even get any respect in Turkey. Here’s more:

Now let’s get to Jesus. Why do you talk about him? When is he coming?

When you take the hadith and the verses of the Koran, we understand that Jesus is going to be coming. When we analyse this from a technical point of view and look at the words of the prophet Mohammad, we understand this is going to be in the next 20 to 25 years. When he comes, first he will not know that he is Jesus. He is going to be discovered by religious Christians who have some beliefs in parallel with Islam. Then Jesus is going to learn all the different religions including Islam and he will read the Koran. He will unite these religions into one religion.

He’s coming in the next 20 to 25 years. Get ready! Moving along:

What will be the holy scripture when Jesus comes?

When Jesus comes, he will take the Koran as a reference. As you know, the Bible is a book very close to the Koran. So in a way he will also be taking the Bible as a reference.

But the Koran will be the one holy book for all these believers?


Does that mean Jesus becomes a Muslim?

Yes. In fact he is a Muslim. Prophet Abraham and Moses were also Muslims. All these are Islamic religions. All Islamic religions are the same.

The interview is much longer than the small bit we’ve copied here. If you want to know more about this man’s thinking, click over to Pakistan Daily and read it all.

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6 responses to “New Harun Yahya Interview

  1. comradebillyboy

    Adnan Oktar has written numerous books under the name Harun Yahya. In 2008 Oktar was convicted of a variety of crimes, including the making of criminal threats. In May 2008 Oktar and 17 other members of his organization were sentenced to three years in prison.

    A 2008 indictment from the prosecutor’s office, cited by the daily Cumhuriyet, said Oktar’s organization used its female members to attract young scholars from rich families with the promise of sex in exchange for attending events. According to the indictment, one of the victims had to sleep with 16 men, which was recorded with hidden cameras and the tapes were given to Oktar. The girls who want to leave the group are threatened that the tapes will be made public.

    So Turkey’s leading creationist now resides in a Turkish prison for the crimes of extortion and blackmail.

  2. comradebillyboy says: “… one of the victims had to sleep with 16 men …”

    I’m confident that some of our American female creationists could easily surpass that.

  3. comradebillyboy

    ‘Oktar’s organization used its female members to attract young scholars from rich families with the promise of sex in exchange for attending events.’

    Well that’s about what it would take to get me to attend a creationist event.

  4. I think I’d rather read something from Casey Luskin. He makes at least an attempt to make sense.

  5. I think I’d rather read something from Casey Luskin. He makes at least an attempt to make sense.

    Well, I’m glad for Casey’s sake that someone finds his screeds somewhat sensible (or at least seeing an attempt at being sensible.) I’ll have to take that on faith though, because I haven’t run across anything by Luskin that smacks of anything but confused thinking and bad writing.

    Did I mention Luskin’s confused thinking?

    Luskin (and a few others in Luskin’s tribe) should take some lessons from Curm’s writing.

  6. Tundra Boy says: “Luskin (and a few others in Luskin’s tribe) should take some lessons from Curm’s writing.”

    The secret is to avoid writing about what you don’t know. Things usually work out if you avoid areas that will definitely reveal your limitations. That’s Casey’s problem.