Creationist Revival Meeting in Florida

AT the website of Christian News Wire, “the most used and most recognized distributor of religious content press releases in the nation” — they offer this list of their clients — we read some exciting news: Jacksonville Conference Confronts Creation-Evolution Debate. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The Institute for Creation Research, the premiere creation science institution in the world, is announcing the first of its 2009 Demand the Evidence conferences, to be held in Jacksonville, Florida on October 9-10.

“Demand the Evidence”? Of what, creationism? Let’s read on:

Scientists, educators, theologians, and even state politicians have wrestled with the creation-evolution debate in recent years, but which theory is correct? Creation? Evolution? Intelligent Design?

Does it matter whether the earth was created in six days or six billion years? Where does the evidence lead?

Yes! Inquiring minds want to know. We continue:

Held at the downtown auditorium of First Baptist Church Jacksonville, the Demand the Evidence Conference will feature sessions on both science and faith during the Friday/Saturday event.

Attendees will learn biblical and scientific evidences for the accuracy and authority of Genesis, the complex design of the human body, the facts that support recent creation, the flaws in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and much more.

This is wonderful. It’s about time we had an opportunity to learn the truth. Here’s more:

Speakers include Dr. Mac Brunson, Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Gary Parker, and Dr. Randy Guliuzza. A Q&A panel discussion will be held on Saturday.

What a lineup! Dr. Mac Brunson, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville. Hey, Stephen Wise, creationist member of Florida’s state Senate, belongs to that church.

Not only that, but we’re promised a rare appearance by Henry Morris, who died three years ago. We suspect that his son, John Morris, is probably going to fill the void. But you never know with these creationists.

The other speakers will be Gary Parker, from Answers in Genesis, and Randy Guliuzza, an MD who speaks and debates for the Institute for Creation Research.

The Institute for Creation Research has for nearly 40 years conducted scientific research regarding origins and earth history.

Yes, and they’ve got a lot to show for those 40 years. Hey, if you want to attend this once-in-a-lifetime learning experience, all the sign-up info is at the link we gave you at the start of this post.

How can you turn down an opportunity like this? Mark your calendar — October 9-10. See you there!

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16 responses to “Creationist Revival Meeting in Florida

  1. Gaaaaaaaaa…!!!

  2. No. I wont do it! I wont!! I wont!!!

  3. Colloquy says: “No. I wont do it! I wont!! I wont!!!”

    Come on. All the best people will be there.

  4. comradebillyboy

    I’d go if I could prepare myself with four or five shots of 18 yr old scotch and a fist full of xanax. Otherwise I might embarrass my self. With the medicinal products I won’t be capable of embarrassment.

  5. Oh, Curmie! Thanks for the belly-laugh!

  6. What I wouldn’t give for a field-report from someone working in the sociology of creationism . . . .

  7. If it were in the Philly area I’d consider going just to heckle: “The ‘Darwinists’ have a prior commitment to ‘naturalism’* so why are you wasting your time with them, when you can be showing your ‘evidence of a recent creation’ to OECs and IDers who doubt it?”

    *Yeah it’s only methodological naturalism, but it’s worth playing along with their bait-and-switch to watch them weasel out of an answer.

  8. Gabriel Hanna

    I’m not going to anything held in a Baptist church.

    I was born a snakehandler and I will die a snakehandler.

  9. Yes, avoid those liberal denominations.

  10. Alistair Olgilvie

    Are you bloody daft, Curmie? Don’t embarrass yourself and the rest of us by not doing your homework there in the States!

    Henry Morris had two (2) sons who are at ICR–John, the younger, and Henry, the eldest. He’s the one speaking, according to the web.

    Isn’t Gary Parker the biologist who had NSF grants before becoming a professor at that ICR grad. school? He doesn’t work for that “Ham” fellow.

    Guliuzza’s the doctor who writes all those “human design” articles for their “Acts and Facts” rag and has a Harvard degree.

    Get it right before you pile it one, otherwise they’ll pile it on you!

  11. Alistair Olgilvie asks: “Are you bloody daft, Curmie?”

    Maybe, but the expectation is that such a person would be named Henry, Jr. It’s also customary when writing about such a person to identify him by his full name. That’s how to avoid otherwise inevitable confusion.

  12. retiredsciguy

    I’d be more interested in going if Henry, Sr. WERE the speaker.

  13. Gabriel Hanna

    Strictly speaking (does Miss Manners speak any other way) Jr is used if you have a living father of the same name, and so on for III, IV, etc.

    So if I were Gabriel Hanna III I should have a living father and grandfather of the same name, unless I’m royalty. The oldest one living is Sr, the next Jr, and so forth.

    My own family never observed this rule, so my cousin Rollie IV is really Rollie Jr now, but he’s been called Rollie IV all his life–and he didn’t name any of his children Rollie, as far as I know.

  14. Gabriel Hanna

    Yes, avoid those liberal denominations.

    Yeah, infant damnation is pretty much a deal breaker for me.

    And I’m not sure about those innovations introduced at Chalcedon.

  15. Gabriel Hanna says: “Strictly speaking (does Miss Manners speak any other way) Jr is used if you have a living father of the same name, and so on for III, IV, etc.”

    William Buckley never dropped the Jr. Besides, if there is a son named Henry, his father is quite well known in creationist circles, and he died only 3 years ago, so there’s loads of room for confusion if the son uses only the name Henry. But he’s a creationist, so confusion is his life’s work, so to speak.

  16. Gabriel Hanna

    William Buckley never dropped the Jr.

    “This work performed under the auspices of” is common usage as well; though WFB wouldn’t have used it that way, I hope.

    Eh, if WFB isn’t the standard, who IS?