Anna Falling Fails, Is Tulsa Doomed?

YOUR Curmudgeon has been following the campaign of Anna Falling, a woman who is truly smitten by the truth of creationism. Our last post on this was yesterday: Tulsa’s Anna Falling — Election Today!

In this morning’s Tulsa World we read Bartlett, Adelson advance: Two candidates will join ballot with independents. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Tulsa voters decided in Tuesday’s primary election that it will be Republican Dewey Bartlett Jr. versus Democrat Tom Adelson in the fall’s general election to determine the next mayor. The two will be on the Nov. 10 ballot … .

Bartlett is the son of the late Oklahoma governor and U.S. Sen. Dewey F. Bartlett, and he was Tulsa World‘s recommendation. Nevertheless, Anna boldly ran on a platform making creationism her number one issue. What happened? Let’s read on:

Bartlett, the Keener Oil & Gas president and former city councilor, by far had the tougher primary battle in a field of 11 GOP candidates. He prevailed, however, with a clear majority of 54 percent. His closest competitor, Chris Medlock, had 32 percent.

An oil man? That means he’s undoubtedly a “Darwinist,” because oil companies aren’t crazy — they don’t hire Flood geologists. A “Darwinist” won a solid majority in a contest like that? He defeated our Anna?

Speaking of Anna, the story informs us:

Anna Falling snared nearly 10 percent of the votes, with the rest of the Republican pack drawing anywhere from a little over 1 percent to a fraction of a percent.

That single sentence is what’s newsworthy here. We had a flat-out, full-blown, flaming creationist running as a Republican in by-God Tulsa Oklahoma, but she only got 10% (of the Republican votes, we assume). Make that nearly 10%.

Our assumption is that every “true” creationist is a hard-core single-issue voter who would have voted for Anna regardless of the opposition or other issues; and the Tulsa creationists probably behaved according to our expectations. But 54% of the voters went for Bartlett and another 32% for Medlock, so that’s 86% who — gasp! — openly ignored the opportunity to support Anna.

We’ve all seen polls about the embarrassingly large percentage of Americans who are creationists, who believe in fairies and angels and ghosts and such, but this election in Tulsa was an objective indicator of the numerical strength of an out-of-the-closet creationist running in what we assume is favorable territory.

This wasn’t like a political race in, say, Louisiana — where it’s understood that the candidates are all creationists. In this campaign, Anna made creationism her issue, but she got only 10%. That result is very good news indeed.

Your Curmudgeon is pleased.

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8 responses to “Anna Falling Fails, Is Tulsa Doomed?

  1. “Your Curmudgeon is pleased.”

    Absit omen.

  2. TomS says: “Absit omen.”

    That’s a lot of subjunctive mode. I’m not up to it.

  3. It can only be a sign of frightful import, that the Curmudgeon is pleased.

  4. I did some Googling. Seems to translate as: “Let it not be an omen.” Literally (I think): “Let an omen be absent.”

  5. Have no fear Curmy. Rumor has it she’s contemplating a run for the State School Board.

    It’s a rumor, OK?

  6. The Gadfly says: “Rumor has it she’s contemplating a run for the State School Board.”

    Or maybe the state legislature. She’s on a mission. We haven’t seen the last of her.

  7. b. j. edwards

    “She’s on a mission. We haven’t seen the last of her.”

    What a Crock-a-Duck she is.

  8. I wanted to run in that election, but was a day late to apply. IOW I was only 24 hours from Tulsa. (sorry, had to say it)