WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, and Brain Death

YOU know what we think of WorldNetDaily (WND) — see: WorldNetDaily — Worthless Creationist Rag! The last time we discussed one of their trashy articles was here: WorldNetDaily: A Plea For Theocracy.

Like some mythological monster equipped with a galaxy-sized colon, WND’s material keeps on flowing — in enormous quantity. We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from ‘Origin of Species’ edition debunks evolution. This brilliant article is subtitled: “Failure of natural selection logic documented in ‘Nothing Created Everything’.

The article is written by Bob Unruh, described as a news editor for The bold font was added by us:

Best-selling Christian author Ray Comfort says there are such huge holes in evolutionary arguments that he’s giving away 50,000 copies of a special edition of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” that includes an introduction not only revealing the theory’s many hoaxes but also Darwin’s own thoughts on the existence of God.

Ah, so today’s WND article reviews a special edition of “Origin of Species” with an introduction by Ray Comfort. Verily, this is an intellectual milestone. We haven’t written about Comfort before, but let us say this: If ignorance had mass, Comfort would be a black hole. Let’s read on:

Comfort, whose new book “Nothing Created Everything” elaborates on the evidence against the theory of evolution, said he’s had many conversations with avowed atheists as follows:

Comfort: “So you are an atheist. Do you then believe that nothing created everything, which is a scientific impossibility?”

Atheist: “No.”

Comfort: “So you believe that something created everything?”

Atheist: “Yes.”

Comfort: “Then you’re not an atheist.”

Ex-atheist: “OK.”

Yes, like Perry Mason, Comfort easily shreds his opponents. We can’t find his latest book at Amazon, but here’s their listing for another of Comfort’s many works. The reviews are most entertaining. Now, let’s read some more from WND:

Comfort has dedicated the book to popular contemporary atheist evolutionist Richard Dawkins, who introduced the concept “Nothing Created Everything”: “To Richard Dawkins, in the sincere hope that he looks beyond the hypocrisy of organized religion, before he goes to meet his maker.”

Dawkins, no doubt, is cowering in fear. We continue:

“Darwin wasn’t anti-God at all. In his famous book ‘Origin of Species’ Darwin refers to creation as the ‘works of God’ and calls Him the ‘Creator’ an amazing seven times,” Comfort said.


It’s precisely because of this prevalent ignorance (or dishonesty) that we are giving away 50,000 copies of ‘Origin of Species’ throughout universities in the United States this November.”

He’s doing what?

Comfort said he discovered the book was in the public domain, so the special edition [with Comfort’s introduction] is being prepared in conjunction with his book “Nothing Created Everything.”

Darwin won’t be able to survive the comparison! Moving along:

Comfort said his plan to give away copies of “Origin of Species” includes information on scientists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nicholas Copernicus, Francis Bacon and Louis Pasteur who believed God created the universe.


Comfort cited the “rave reviews” his special edition already is attracting.

The WND article then quotes one of those reviews, and — surprisingly — it’s not what we’d classify as favorable:

“It’s like a book with multiple personality disorder – two parts that absolutely hate each other; an intro [by Comfort] that is the inane product of one of the most stupid minds of our century, and a science text [by Darwin] that is the product of one of the greatest minds of the author’s century,” wrote PZ Myers, who teaches at the University of Minnesota at Morris.

About Comfort’s introduction, WND says:

The introduction points out the fact that humans share 96 percent of their genetic makeup with chimps doesn’t make them chimpanzees.

“According to evolutionist Steven Jones, a renowned British geneticist, ‘We also share about 50 percent of our DNA with bananas, and that doesn’t make us half bananas,” says Comfort.

Truly a profound insight. The WND article ends with this:

On his book “Nothing created Everything,” Comfort says, “Anyone who tries to actually justify that nothing created everything has to be insane. This is a scientific impossibility.”

No doubt, you want to run right out and buy a copy.

[Update: See Flat Earth, Uranus, & WorldNetDaily.]

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24 responses to “WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, and Brain Death

  1. Ah, it’s Banana Man!
    Does he still spout the rubbish that god made bananas designed for the human hand?

  2. I’ll wait for Steve Martin’s special “Theodoric of York” edition of “Origin.” Instead of an introduction, it’ll have one word added at the end: “Naaah!”

  3. Benjamin Franklin

    One should not find it at all odd that Comfort’s edition of ‘Origin’ is heavily abridged, leaving out substantial portions of Darwin’s original content, not to mention Darwin’s introduction.

    Comfort’s plan is to distribute 50,000 copies of this abortion at college campuses throughout the country. My plan is to go to my local university that he plans distribution and rip out the 50 pages of Comfort inanity and place a label on the cover that indicates;

    “This edition is not suitable for proper study of Darwin’s work. Please buy and read complete and unabridged version.”

  4. John exclaimed

    Ah, it’s Banana Man!

    T’is indeed: Essential viewing

    I don’t know if Comfort has yet managed to explain coconuts, nor the ‘just had to be designed’ affinity for the human hand and the Sin of Onan…

  5. Anyone know of a list of the universities he plans to “distribute” at?

  6. Just pointing out that Gen. JC Christian’s review is a parody- He’s pretty good at the Poe game.

  7. If the statement “nothing created everything” is not false, but meaningless, then its denial is not true, but just as meaningless as the assertion.

  8. I have faith in the creative power of nothing.

  9. comradebillyboy

    Comfort says, “Anyone who tries to actually justify that nothing created everything has to be insane. This is a scientific impossibility.”


  10. A ham sandwich is better than nothing.
    Nothing created everything.

    I am an ex-atheist who now worships the ham sandwich.

  11. It has been estimated that humans share between 30% and 40% of their genes with a head of cabbage. I think Comfort is pushing the 40% or possibly exceeding it.

  12. “Comfort: “So you are an atheist. Do you then believe that nothing created everything…?”

    Darwin said nothing at all about the origin of life (or the earth, or the universe, or anything else besides species, for that matter).

    His only concern was how new species appeared, and how natural selection seemed to be the driving force of this evolution.

    Now, I can understand why the creationists keep trying to confuse the public by implying that evolution is about the creation of the universe. It’s easy for them to make that seem ridiculous. It’s much more difficult for them to argue against natural selection, because if an ordinary person thinks about it with an open mind, it makes a lot of sense. The zebra that runs a little faster than the others has a better chance of avoiding the lions, thus should live longer, thus having more offspring, etc., etc.

    It’s pretty hard to make that seem ridiculous.

  13. Comfort says, “Anyone who tries to actually justify that nothing created everything has to be insane. This is a scientific impossibility.”


    Since I’m feeling excessively charitable tonight, I’ll take a stab at it: Comfort is arguing that since nothingness, having (pretty much by definition) no creative powers, cannot create anything. The real problem lies not so much in the concept of nothing as in the concept of creation.

    If an atheist were to say, “there was nothing, then there was everything” it might not set off the same alarm bells in Comfort’s head. But I don’t know.

  14. retiredsciguy: you’re quite right. They conflate the two questions — the pattern of life and the origins of the universe — because they need to first inflate Darwinian evolution from a theory into a world-view in order to then pose the dichotomy of the naturalistic world-view and the Christian world-view.

  15. Benjamin Franklin

    Here is a list of schools they are targeting

    1. Princeton University (NJ)
    2. Harvard University (MA)
    3. Yale University (CT)
    4. Stanford University (CA)
    5. University of Pennsylvania (PA)
    6. California Institute of Technology (CA)
    7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
    8. Duke University (NC)
    9. Columbia University (NY)
    10. University of Chicago (IL)
    11. Dartmouth College (NH)
    12. Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
    13. Cornell University (NY)
    14. Brown University (RI)
    15. Northwestern University (IL)
    16. Johns Hopkins University (MD)
    17. Rice University (TX)
    18. Emory University (GA)
    19. Vanderbilt University (TN)
    20. Notre Dame (IN)
    21. University of California – Berkeley (CA)
    22. Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
    23. University of Virginia (VA)
    24. Georgetown University (DC)
    25. University of California—Los Angeles (CA)
    26. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (MI)
    27. University of Southern California (CA)
    28. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (NC)
    29. Tufts University (MA)
    30. Wake Forest University (NC)
    31. Lehigh University (PA)
    32. Brandeis University (MA)
    33. College of William and Mary (VA)
    34. New York University (NY)
    35. University of Rochester (NY)
    36. Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
    37. Boston College (MA)
    38. University of Wisconsin—Madison (WI)
    39. University of California—San Diego (CA)
    40. University of Illinois—Urbana – Champaign (IL)
    41. Case Western Reserve University (OH)
    42. University of Washington (WA)
    43. University of California—Davis (CA)
    44. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
    45. University of Texas—Austin (TX)
    46. University of California—Santa Barbara (CA)
    47. University of California—Irvine (CA)
    48. Penn State University—University Park (PA)
    49. University of Florida (FL)
    50. Syracuse University (NY)

  16. Benjamin Franklin says: “Here is a list of schools they are targeting”

    Too late to warn them. All is lost!

  17. >I am an ex-atheist who now worships the ham sandwich.

    Our sandwich, who art on the menu, hallowed be my lunch.
    Thy hunger come, thy cooking done, at home as it at Subway.

    The next line needs no tweaking at all. 😉

  18. Here is a list of schools they are targeting
    [snip lengthy list]

    I could be wrong, but at first glance, that list appears to be the top 50 schools in the US News & World Report’s annual ranking of colleges.

  19. Just PlumDucky

    Where does it say that Atheism necessarily means that Nothing Created Everything?

    There is no way to know what created everything, so far 🙂

  20. Just PlumDucky says: “There is no way to know what created everything, so far”

    Comfort knows. He knows!

  21. I’m not so sure that list is up to date, or that they even plan to give away the book at the top 50 universities anymore. I have read reports that cite “dozens” of schools or only a handful. I attend Lehigh (#31), and would very much like to see them try.

  22. Zara Mikazuki

    Ha! I’m actually a student at one of these 50 universities, and I’m actually a part of a counter force effort, by the biology department on our campus, against Ray Comfort.

    Don’t worry—I’ll be picking up a WHOLE lot of the copies being given out next week.

    I wonder what the hell makes him think that BIOLOGY students at the TOP 50 UNIVERSITIES would believe this bulls**t. Yeah…

    But according to the information on my campus and the information from my friends in many other top-notch universities, the number is about 50.

    Anywho….yeah. The introduction is real bulls**t. It goes from:
    >Biography of Darwin (surprisingly, it’s actually accurate and unbiased! LOL!)
    >Intricacy of DNA and unlikeliness of chance
    >”Lacking” fossil record
    >Darwin’s view of God
    >Darwin’s personal “racism” and “sexism”
    >How Hitler LOVED Darwin
    >How evolution is clearly ridiculous because of above
    >How there MUST be an intelligent designer
    >How Jesus Christ is the Savior
    >How you’ll burn in Hell if you don’t believe, and he REALLY doesn’t wish that on you
    >How he’s totally right about everything because the Scripture says so.
    >Extended analogy=> Skydiving : Parachute :: Sin and Satan : Jesus Christ
    >Insults Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam in one go
    >You better convert, turn away from the dogma that’s evolution and to the light that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


    I’m dead serious. That was the EXACT way the introduction went. I spent 2 hours of my time reading this motherf*****g piece of bulls**t. It would have been more productive to bang my head against the wall 50 times.

    I was supposed to read to to prep for the anti-creationist efforts on my campus, but wow. I’m not even sure if Comfort even made ANY arguments, let alone good ones, to argue. Pssht.

    ~Zara Mikazuki**

  23. Zara Mikazuki, thanks for the comment. It got delayed in moderation because of some unrestrained language, but that’s all fixed now. We look forward to learning the attitude of your fellow students regarding the distribution of this corrupted edition of Darwin’s work.

  24. I think Richard Dawkins needs to write an introduction to the bible and distribute it at churches all across America. 😉