Flat Earth, Uranus, & WorldNetDaily

YES, we live in blessed times. The stars themselves are aligned in a rare triple conjunction to declare The Truth you’ve been hiding from all your life.

We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from an article in WorldNetDaily (WND) which brilliantly defends their intellectual champion: Kirk Cameron bashed for Darwin campaign. It’s subtitled: “Media gets snarky over effort to debunk evolution on college campuses.”

Wait — we saw a hand go up. Okay, you in the back — what’s your question? You want to know who’s Kirk Cameron? We wrote about him here: Kirk Cameron: World’s Dumbest Human?

Okay, let’s get on with it. This is actually a follow-up to our earlier report on WorldNetDaily, Ray Comfort, and Brain Death. The bold font was added by us:

A campaign by Ray Comfort and actor Kirk Cameron to give away 100,000 copies of a special edition of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” on 100 university campuses in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the seminal book’s publication in November already is drawing a caustic reaction from media.

Jeepers, we can’t imagine why that should be. Let’s read on:

The special release of the book challenges the theory of evolution with a 50-page introduction that includes an overview of Darwin’s life and presents a case for a universe created by God through arguments such as the structure of DNA and the absence of species-to-species transitional forms.

Ah, now we understand. This “special release” has an introduction that amounts to a pile of poop. Okay. We continue:

The introduction to the special “Origin of the Species” release, which can be read on Living Waters website [not really, the link is broken], also shows how great scientists of the past such as Nikolas Capernicus, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and Albert Einstein, believed in God’s existence

Let’s pause for a moment to grasp what’s being said … Isaac Newton believed in God, therefore — what? Evolution is wrong? Okay. Here’s more:

In his video presentation of the Darwin campaign, Cameron says, “An entire generation is being brainwashed by atheistic evolution without even hearing the alternative; and it’s radically changing the culture of our nation.”

No one ever heard of Noah’s Ark? That can’t be right. Even your Curmudgeon knows the tale. Moving along:

Comfort [that’s Ray Comfort] previously told WND “atheists are going crazy” on Internet forums in response to the “Origin of Species” plan, saying, “How can we stop this? We’re going to have a book burning.”

Comfort’s Living Waters [that’s Comfort’s ministry] is working on the project with Answers in Genesis, Campus Crusade for Christ, Teen Mania and the Alliance Defense Fund.

Wow! What a stellar lineup! This is more than a triple conjunction. The whole creationist firmament is involved. Another excerpt:

Atheism has doubled in the last 20 years among 19 to 25 year olds. So young people are being brainwashed by this stuff,” he [Comfort] said. “All we want to do is give an alternative.”

If Comfort is the alternative, the devil has already won. Here’s our last excerpt:

“So many young people are being convinced that atheism is right, that evolution is right, there’s no god, there are no moral absolutes,” he said. “Who cares if you marry a dog? What’s the big deal? And that’s what atheism believes, too. It’s very sad, and we’re going to do our best to fight back in November.”

This is a good point to break away from WND. We can only handle a limited amount of this stuff If you want to read it all, click on over there.

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15 responses to “Flat Earth, Uranus, & WorldNetDaily

  1. Comfort challenges us:

    Who cares if you marry a dog?

    But…but…isn’t that what Darwin orders us to do? … No, wait a minute.

    Anyway, Olivia would be upset if I married a dog…

  2. comradebillyboy

    Man on dog love…sounds like a follower of former Senator Rick Santorum, a truly ignorant human being and a likely presidential candidate in the next election.

  3. comradebillyboy says: “Man on dog love…”

    As long as it’s a dog of the opposite gender, that’s okay. Isn’t it?

  4. All we want to do is give an alternative.

    Do they have an alternative to offer?

    That would be a major departure for creationists.

  5. comradebillyboy

    Yes, but homosexual relations with a dog would be an abomination.

  6. I don’t care if you marry a dog as long as the dog is consenting of his/her own free will.

  7. I think it’s the Creationists who have really screwed the pooch on this one…

  8. Wait! Maybe we’ve all got the wrong end of the stick here, as it were. Perhaps Comfort, in saying “Who cares if you marry a dog?” meant it in the same sense as in the phrase, ‘marrying your daughter’ — that is, marrying your daughter off to someone else.

    What Comfort is calling an abomination here is dog weddings. And if so, I think he has a valid point….

  9. Great Claw says: “I think it’s the Creationists who have really screwed the pooch on this one…”

    Comfort is the only person I ever heard of who even thinks about dog marriage. The deeper message that Comfort is giving us is that if it weren’t for his faith, he would marry a dog.

  10. Frankly, I’m happy to see Comfort and Cameron waste their time and money on trying to give away 100,000 copies of the book.

    Unless college kids have changed a LOT since my day, the only way they’ll even take the book is if you shove it in their hands as they pass by. In most cases, the book will either end up immediately dropped on the ground or deposited in the nearest sanitation device. A few kids might hang onto the book but only to try and sell it at the bookstore or on eBay.

    Considering how much required reading the kids already have, I imagine very few will have the time or interest to read this book. Maybe if a professor or their Sunday school teacher makes them do it.

  11. Curmudgeon: “No one ever heard of Noah’s Ark? That can’t be right. Even your Curmudgeon knows the tale.”

    Unless it is specified elsewhere (much to the Discoveroids’ horror) all they said is that“An entire generation is being brainwashed by atheistic evolution without even hearing the alternative…” But more than ever it is the the anti-evolution activists who censor any reference to what the alternative to evolution might be.

    Let’s all be clear: “Some designer did something at some time” is not an alternative to evolution, but only to the “no designer did anything” claim that is nowhere to be found in evolution.

    C’mon people, have some fun. Ask Cameron and Comfort to state in detail what their designer did when. Then ask the Discoveroids whether they agree or not.

  12. “Atheism has doubled in the last 20 years among 19 to 25 year olds. So young people are being brainwashed by this stuff,”

    This statistic, if accurate, tells me the real brainwashing is failing. Much like it did on me decades ago.

  13. Off topic . . but Curmy . . .I had an a suggestion for your new banner . ..but after the discussions about it, and seeing the new one . . I think it’s just fine.

    And, if the statistics about the growing number of people who reject, or at least question, superstition, are correct . . then it’s a new dawn coming!

  14. I bet you can’t get them to admit that the rise of atheism corresponds to their own rise of their own wacky brand of pseudo-religi-science-nish. Every atheist I know tend to point to these nuts as much as anything as a proof against a God.

  15. I don’t consider the pseudo-religi-science-nish nuts as proof against a god but, I do consider them a hazard to one’s own sanity.