WorldNetDaily, Rabbis, & Harun Yahya

OUR intention had been to leave WorldNetDaily (WND) alone for a while. After all, we’ve recently posted a whole series of articles on the festival of idiocy to be found in their pages, most recently here: Stupid on Steroids. But the deluge of doltishness keeps on coming.

We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Should Christians, Muslims and Jews unite? It’s written by Joel Richardson, whose latest book is being touted by WND. Here’s the Amazon listing: The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth about the Real Nature of the Beast

What caught our attention is that the article mentions Harun Yahya (the pen name of Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar). Our regular readers know that we’ve written about Yahya several times before. For example: New Harun Yahya Interview.

Anything in WND that mentions Yaha is possibly of interest, so we took a look. It was a challenging experience. Your Curmudgeon has sailed some unknown seas to bring you news of The Controversy between evolution and creationism, but today’s effort probably marks the limit of how far we’re wiling to go.

Okay, brace yourselves; we’re going to jump in. The bold font was added by us. The article begins by telling of a remarkable meeting between Harun Yahya and a group of rabbis:

Everywhere we turn these days, Muslims, Christians and Jews seem to be making calls for interfaith unity. … I recently reported on a meeting that took place this year in Istanbul between three rabbis representing the Jewish Sanhedrin and Turkish Muslim leader, Adnan Oktar, who also uses the pseudonym Harun Yahya. The emphasis of the article was on the rebuilding the Jewish temple. After the article was published, the rabbis expressed to me that that while the emphasis of the article was on the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, it did not give enough emphasis to the greater reason for their meeting with Mr. Oktar.

Rebuilding the temple isn’t our usual subject matter. Let’s read on:

According to the rabbis, the primary reason for befriending and working together with devout Muslims of good-will such as Mr. Oktar is to make a unified stand with righteous and devout gentiles against the increasing global tide of secularism, materialism and unbelief. … After the meeting with Mr. Oktar, the following statement appeared on their website which seems to summarize their view:

[From the rabbis’ website:] Our struggle should be against denial of truth, especially against atheism, not against other believers. And even that struggle should be one emphasizing kindness and compassion knowing that most people today have lost their way.

We clicked over to the rabbis’ website. The link takes you to page that begins with a long statement by the rabbis from which the WND quote was taken. We haven’t tried to comprehend it. That’s followed by a section that includes an incredible anti-science rant, of which we’ll only excerpt a portion. It starts with this heading: “Replies of Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya)“:

How do you describe the believers true struggle?

[Yahya’s answer:] The whole world is literally under the control of a Darwinist, materialist dictatorship. Teachers at universities are unable to see that evolution is a lie and students cannot say a word of criticism of evolution in their exams, while conferences about Darwinism are even held in the Vatican. This is a clear sign of how grim the state of affairs is. Devout Jews, Muslims and Christians are oppressed everywhere in the world and unable to live according to their faiths, and in many places they are forbidden to remember Allah at all. And materialists and atheists are doing this together, they are in a total alliance against believers. Under these conditions, the alliance of true believers must also be a very powerful one.

We have no intention of digging into that theological tract in an attempt to understand it. On the surface, it appears that the rabbis support Harun Yahya. That may seem peculiar, weird, queer, and just plain crazy; but we suspect that for every group of rabbis who take one position, there are probably hundreds of others who will denounce them as deluded fools. It’s in the nature of such things.

Let’s get back to WND to see what their writer thinks of this:

This idea that joining together with other religious groups will somehow bring about justice and peace is quickly becoming the prevailing wisdom of the age. But it is deeply unbiblical.


Many well-meaning Christians today are unaware that the biblical concept of “holiness” is derived from the word “separate.” As such, commandments against inter-religious unity of almost any form are found throughout the Bible.

Well, there goes that plan. Here’s more from WND:

As we approach the last days – a time when deception will be the rule and not the exception – obeying these principles is becoming increasingly nonnegotiable.


Christians must make every effort to seek peace between religious groups. And, of course, believers must be at the forefront of fighting for genuine justice to be manifest in the here and now. But the notion that accomplishing this requires forging inter-religious alliances or unions is the exact opposite method of that which is prescribed in the Bible.

So the message from WND seems to be twofold: (1) no evolution; and (2) no peace between religious groups. If they’re correct, we’re facing a grim and stupid future. Here’s one final excerpt:

In the years to come, as the darkness increases and the call continues to go forth from prominent leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities to “join together,” as the notion is expressed that we all worship the same God, it is imperative that Christians determine now exactly where they stand on these issues.

We don’t know what to make of this. WND is what it is. They feature a certain kind of writer and they appeal to a certain kind of audience. We can only hope that they are small in number — or if not, that their readers are divided evenly between the two political parties. If one political party embraces the WND style of thought as official policy … well, you figure it out.

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One response to “WorldNetDaily, Rabbis, & Harun Yahya

  1. Gabriel Hanna

    This sort of thing is exactly why talk of theocracy, in this country, is so stupid; they can’t get along well enough with each other.

    This is why we never HAD a theocracy in this country when people were far more religious than they are now.

    Screwtape said it better than I did. In a libertine age, get people worried about Puritanism; in a materialist age get them worried about religious fanaticism.