The Worst Creationism Book Ever?

WE learned about this in a press release: New Book Asks if Charles Darwin Is Accomplice to Mass Murder. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Was Adolf Hitler, along with other genocidal mass murderers, influenced by the Theory of Evolution? Is America truly one nation under God, or a conflicted nation under Darwin? These are just some of the controversial questions posed to readers by Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin, Ph.D. in their newest book, “Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

Sounds great, huh? Here’s the book’s Amazon listing. The few reviews there were apparently written by creationist friends of the authors, e.g.: “This books [sic] does a fabulous job of pointing out the flaws in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. …”

Okay, that’s the book. Now you’re wondering — who are the authors of this trash? The press release informs us:

Sebastian is a writer in many genres in film and television. With a degree and background in communications, she is experienced in international marketing and public speaking.


Bohlin holds a doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology, is President of Probe Ministries, a Discovery Institute Fellow, a graduate of the University of Illinois, The University of North Texas, and the University of Dallas.

That’s an impressive team — a sales babe and a Discoveroid. What do these two gigantic intellects have to tell us? Let’s read on:

Rooted in elitist and racist dogmas, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has infiltrated our schools, according to the authors. Are school children, along with society as a whole, being taught that only the more “fit” among us are worthy of living on the planet? What is the truth? Who is to decide who lives or dies based on a theory born out of discrimination against race, class and disability?

We’ve seen so much creationist material that we’re certain we’ve encountered worse than this — but we can’t remember when.

In our ceaseless quest to bring you the most complete information, we Googled on the Discoveroid’s name and found this page of biographical information: DR. RAYMOND G. BOHLIN. It describes him as Executive Director, Probe Ministries.

Probe Ministries? Probe? Perhaps as in UFO probe? We found their website: Probe Ministries. Look it over and make your own judgment.

Anyway, this is the latest volume to emerge from the dank crevice of creationism. But don’t laugh — the book is likely to find its way into a Louisiana science class as “supplementary material.”

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9 responses to “The Worst Creationism Book Ever?

  1. Uggg!!! Eugenics does not equal natural selection. Eugenics is *ARTIFICIAL* selection.


  2. This is why secular universities have absolutely no business awarding science degrees to fundies. It only ends up empowering them. They have their own schools; let them go to those, and stay the hell away from reality.

  3. Uggg!!! Eugenics does not equal natural selection. Eugenics is *ARTIFICIAL* selection.

    Never interrupt a ‘noid on the roll, even when they’re hopelessly wrong:

    Bluto: …. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

    Otter: Germans?

    Boon: Forget it, he’s rolling.

  4. The Curmudgeon shared his perplexity:

    Probe Ministries? Probe? Perhaps as in UFO probe?

    I’m perplexed as well. In the UK, the chief connotation of “probe” is a medical device, nothing at all to do with Outer Space — except, that is, for the exploration of Uranus…

  5. Ahh, with a little bit of research I have resolved our perplexity here.

    Probe Ministries appears to be among the band of non-scheduled grouplets that believe in Fundamentalism.

  6. Great Claw says: “Probe Ministries appears to be …”

    You have probed deeply, my son.

  7. Probe Ministries helped Josh McDowell with one of his apologetics books–I think the one where the anti-evolution section was ghost authored by Glenn Morton, who subsequently gave up his young-earth creationism because of the overwhelming evidence for evolution. Their national director, Kerby Anderson, used to run something called “Computers for Christ” out of Panama City Beach, FL.

  8. It always amazes me how creationists can point to Hitler and his alleged abuse of the theory of evolution, while forgetting the abuses of God’s name in the slaughtering and general suppression of millions of people over the last couple of millennia. If they can speak of a genuine Christianity, one characterised by neighbour-love and not indiscriminate death dealing, that has been perverted and abused by aforementioned slaughterers and suppressor, why, why, why is it impossible to conceive of evolutionary theory in the same way?

  9. I visited the Probed Minihysteries site and read the “Tuning Up Your Baloney Detector” article. To briefly summarize, they encourage the faithful to protect themselves from errors in critical thinking by committing those very same error in critical thinking. It is Grade AA stupidity, and that is 5 minutes of my life I won’t get back, but it did give me this bit of inspiration:


    My Baloney Has A First Name,
    it’s P-R-O-B-E . . .
    My baloney has a second name,
    it’s M-I-N-I-S-T-R-I-E-S . . .
    Oh, I love to filter everyday,
    And if you ask me why I’ll say. . .
    ‘Cuz Probe Ministries has a way . . .
    To Make-Those-Facts-Just-Go-A-Way!