Dembski’s Intelligent Design Revival Meeting

YOU know who William Dembski is. We’ve written about him before. See: William Dembski: Godfather of Trolls. Also, Wikipedia informs us:

Dembski, along with fellow Discovery Institute associates Michael Behe and David Berlinski, “tutored” Ann Coulter on science and evolution for her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism. Approximately one-third of the book is devoted to polemical attacks on evolution, which Coulter, as Dembski often does, terms “Darwinism.”

So it was with great interest that we encountered Dembski’s name in the Dothan Eagle, of Dothan, Alabama, where we read: Dothan area church services, Oct. 17. That article provides an exhaustive listing of events being held at Dothan area churches, including such worthy activities as:

a special service, “The Fruits of the Spirit,”
a gospel concert featuring The Old Paths of Douglasville, Ga.
a time of praise and worship featuring local talent
A covered dish lunch in the Christian Life Center will be held following worship.
revival services on Oct. 18-21 with guest preacher the Rev. Ray Jones
a Sister 2 Sister meeting … The theme is “The Power of Praise and Worship”

Way down on the list we find this little item, with bold font added by us:

The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, Fla., will host leading intelligent design advocate William Dembski at on Monday, Oct. 26, at 10 a.m. in the R.G. Lee Chapel. Dembski’s speaking engagement includes the chapel service, presentations during several classes, informational forums throughout the day and a faculty forum in the afternoon. Dembski serves as research professor of philosophy and director of the Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Why is the Dothan, Alabama newspaper including an event in Graceville, Florida among its “Area Churches” listings? Because as you can see on this map, Dothan is located at the bottom right corner of Alabama, just north of the Florida border. On the Florida side of that border is Jackson County, where Graceville, Florida is located. That’s the home of Baptist College of Florida, where the Dembski revival will be held. It’s an easy drive from Dothan.

So if you’re going to be in the area on 26 October, drive over to the Baptist College and soak up some of that old-time religion. William Dembski will be preaching.

And always remember — Intelligent Design is science!

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6 responses to “Dembski’s Intelligent Design Revival Meeting

  1. The Curmudgeon oriented us with the note

    Because as you can see on this map, Dothan is located at the bottom right corner of Alabama

    But he failed to point out the close proximity of Dothan to Enterprise, Alabama — home of the legendary Boll Weevil Monument

    Mind you, maybe it’s time for the good folks of Enterprise to erect a monument to Dembski, who is an even greater pest…

  2. Great Claw, I didn’t mention it because I assumed that our educated readers already knew of “the legendary Boll Weevil Monument.”

  3. Apologies, Curmy — I was forgetting myself.

    As a Yank long resident in the UK, I am often called upon by Brits for travel advice in the US, and of course tend to steer them to the Boll Weevil Monument, which is — unaccountably — little known on these shores.

  4. retiredsciguy

    Surprised you didn’t mention that Graceville is in The Florida Ark.

  5. retiredsciguy says: “Surprised you didn’t mention that Graceville is in The Florida Ark.”

    Face/palm. My original concept included only the counties bordering on the Gulf, which preserves the curvature of the region. Jackson county isn’t on the coast, but it certainly qualifies otherwise. Most of the Florida panhandle counties are already in the Ark. I’ll have to relax the definition a bit.

  6. I can’t make the trip, but if any readers plan to, I have a request. Please ask Dembski if he agrees with the majority of DI fellows that the Cambrian “explosion” was ~530 MY ago, and that dinosaurs were extinct 65 MY before modern humans appeared. He in fact does, but it would be fun to watch how he spins it to that particular audience. If he tries to change the subject, just cut him off with “that’s not the question.”

    Another good question would be: “Your colleague Michael Behe thinks that humans share common ancestors with other species. In all these years, why have no DI fellows challenged him directly?”