Raelians, Sexual Robots, and Intelligent Design

WE have previously written that creationism isn’t exclusive to — or necessary for — any particular religion, although some sects seem amazingly attached to it. If you already know about the world-wide multi-religious manifestations of creationism, you can skip this indented material:

Creationism isn’t bedrock Christian doctrine; it’s a denominational issue. Some Christians reject creationism, others embrace it. Christian denominations that embrace creationism are not alone in doing this.

In fact, there is what amounts to a Creationism & Intelligent Design Inter-Faith Network. There is no need for US creationists to feel isolated. In addition to those denominations that follow a literal reading of Genesis, there are people all over the world, of many faiths, who share their deeply-held belief in creationism, creation-science, and Intelligent Design.

Among those who are fervent believers in creationism are many — perhaps most — Muslims. See: Why Muslims Should Support Intelligent Design, By Mustafa Akyol. It’s not only Muslims. There are also the Raelians, a sect based entirely on intelligent design (ID). And the Hare Krishnas. Their website has this article: The Intelligent Designer. There is also the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. One of Moon’s followers, Jonathan Wells, is a leading intellectual in the ID movement and a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute. Wells has written movingly about how Rev. Moon motivated his career in ID: Darwinism: Why I Went for a Second Ph.D. Finally, there is Hindu Creationism, Just Like Our Own.

It’s rare that we get any news about the Raelians, but today we found a press release from the CNW Group, a Canadian organization which says that it’s “the most frequently used and most widely accessed full-text news release site in Canada.” The press release is titled: The Canadian Council of Raelian Bishops suggests sexual robots as a solution to protect the victims of Roman Catholic priests.

It begins by recounting the sexual scandals affecting the Roman Catholic Church, the details of which we’ll skip. Then it offers the Raelian solution — the Intelligent Design solution — offered by Marc Rivard, Bishop and President of the Canadian Raelian Movement. We’re not making this up. Here are a few excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Marc Rivard added “The Raelian philosophy not only advocates sexual freedom, which naturally protects our members from these mental deviances, but is also in favour of the use of sexual robots; as Rael describes them in his book ‘Intelligent Design’, written in 1975, and as today’s scientists are now suggesting.”

Interested? We knew you would be. Hey, here’s the book at Amazon: Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers. Let’s read on:

The rise of sexual robots is inevitable” was for example recently announced by Rodney Brooks, the father of evolutionary robotics.

They link to : The rise of sex robots and pleasure machines. You didn’t realize that ID could be so much fun, did you? These guys are way ahead of the Discoveroids in Seattle. We continue:

Marc Rivard further added “Already in Japan, many companies are creating robots which are ready to satisfy a number of fantasies”.

Oh no! The Japanese are ahead of us in the sexual robotics industry! Here’s more:

The Quebec Raelians and the members of the NOPEDO association (created by Rael to help the victims of paedophilia) are therefore suggesting to raise funds to offer these helpful gadgets to members of the Roman Catholic clergy. “We cannot continue to turn a blind eye on the abuses, atrocities, and criminal acts committed by the Roman Catholic Church. It is urgent to intervene.

The press release goes on a bit longer, dwelling on the problems of Catholics. Their conclusion is clear — intelligent design and sexual robots are the answer. Now you know.

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