Discovery Institute: Brave Struggle Against All Odds

FOR Halloween, what could be more appropriate than a discussion about the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids).

Today we bring you a genuinely spooky Discoveroid blog article: Free Speech Prevails as Stephen Meyer Speaks on Intelligent Design to Huge Crowd at Colorado Conference. It’s by John West, one of our favorite Discoveroids. Westie has been on some kind of martyrdom gig lately. See: Discovery Institute: Victim of “Hate Speech”?

Who is John West? Most of you already know, so you can skip these two indented paragraphs:

West is a winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award. He’s a Senior Fellow at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute (the DI), where he is Associate Director of their Center for Science and Culture. That makes him one of the chief Keepers of their Wedge strategy, and the guru of the cdesign proponentsists (a term described here: cdesign proponentsists).

West can be counted on each year to attempt Another July 4th Hijacking. He’s also known for making Wild Charges of Evidence Suppression concerning “recent scientific evidence challenging Darwinism.”

Okay, here’s Westie’s latest article. It’s about some creationist revival meeting the Discoveroids are holding in Colorado. The article is quite short, so we’ll break it up into separate sentences to accommodate our Curmudgeonly commentary. We’ll omit the links that are in the article, and the bold font was added by us:

Castle Rock, Colorado—Despite the first major snowstorm of the season, and unrelenting efforts by malicious Darwinists to prevent people from registering, a huge crowd of around 1,000 people showed up Friday night to hear Dr. Stephen Meyer present the DNA evidence for intelligent design based on his new book Signature in the Cell.

Wow! These intrepid creationists — sorry, Westie, we mean “intelligent design theorists” — endured not only a major snowstorm, but also the slings and arrows of “malicious Darwinists” who were trying to suppress their amazing evidence. What a brave bunch those Discoveroids must be!

Who is Stephen Meyer? He’s the guy who was mixed up in the infamous peer review controversy. Let’s read on from Westie’s blog article:

Meyer, Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and myself are in Colorado to speak at the Legacy of Darwin ID Conference sponsored by Shepherd Project Ministries.

What a gathering of giants! See: Kitzmiller v. Dover: Michael Behe’s Testimony. We haven’t written much about David Berlinski. He’s one of those who tutored Ann Coulter on science and evolution for her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism.

And what’s Shepherd Project Ministries? Their website isn’t responding at the moment (probably because of those “malicious Darwinists”), but they’re obviously not a scientific research organization. Here’s their Facebook information.

We continue:

On Saturday, Michael Behe will present the evidence against modern Darwinism from his books Darwin’s Black Box and The Edge of Evolution; David Berlinski will talk about The Devil’s Delusion and The Deniable Darwin; and I will talk about my book Darwin Day in America.

They seem to have selected an appropriate venue for their presentations. Sounds like a great opportunity to soak up some of that old-time creationism. Here’s more:

Any fair-minded person in the Denver-Castle Rock-Colorado Springs area who still wants to come is welcome to purchase tickets at the door on Saturday morning starting at 8:15 am. The conference is taking place at the Douglas County Events Center.

Westie wants only “fair-minded” people to attend. Anyone who actually knows something about evolution might ask embarrassing questions, and that’s not fair. Moving along:

As of tonight, the malicious jamming of the Shepherd’s Project website seems to be continuing.

Perhaps. Or maybe they just shut the site down so they could play the victim role. Hey, teach the controversy! Another excerpt:

Not content to suppress free speech about Darwin’s theory in schools and colleges and the media, some Darwinist vigilantes are now apparently even trying to stop intelligent design proponents from speaking at private conferences.

Yes, but who can blame them? The’re all terrified of The Truth. Here’s the end of the article:

Fortunately, their suppression tactics don’t seem to be working!

Then the Darwinist conspiracy is surely doomed. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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4 responses to “Discovery Institute: Brave Struggle Against All Odds

  1. How exactly does John West know that “malicious Darwinists” are responsible for the jamming of the Shepherd Project website?

    And even if we accept his evidence-free assertion, how does jamming a website result in intelligent design proponents being prevented from speaking at private conferences?

  2. Jeremy Mohn asks:

    How exactly does John West know that “malicious Darwinists” are responsible for the jamming of the Shepherd Project website?

    Because all evil in the world is Darwin’s fault.

  3. So brave of them to defy the snow storm and purchase tickets at the door!! So very brave…

  4. I went – it was awful. Meyer hasn’t a clue. It wasn’t about teaching people about ID – it was just a slam session against Dawkins and Darwin.

    I asked Meyer that having a designer was no use without a manufacturer – who was that?

    “I don’t know”

    There was a lot of Jesus talk – especially from that crazy groupie Groothuis.

    Oh – Meyer had some quotes about him in the release for his upcoming DVD – True U: Does God exist.

    “.. Meyer has extensive research experience and academic credentials to build the scientific case for faith”

    “He has spent 20 years researching cosmology, biology and metaphysics to determine the existence of a creator God”

    So basically, ID is about the Christian God.

    What a bunch of liars – the whole event seemed to be about selling books. There was even a Christian singer on to entertain us – puke.