Report: Dembski’s Creationist Revival Meeting


Intelligent Design and the Bible

ALMOST three weeks ago we reported about Dembski’s Intelligent Design Revival Meeting which was scheduled to be held at Baptist College of Florida, located in Graceville, deep in The Florida Ark. We are now able to give you a follow-up report.

In the curiously named Foster Folly News, which serves the people of Washington County, Florida, we read Leading Intelligent Design Advocate Speaks at BCF . Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Students were on the edge of their seats recently as leading Intelligent Design advocate William Dembski spoke in the R.G. Lee Chapel at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, Florida. Known for his comprehensive research and excellent debating skills, Dembski serves as the Director of the Center of Cultural Engagement and a Research Professor of Philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

If only we could have been there! Let’s read on:

After a time of musical praise and worship, Dembski took the stage and began a clear, concise analysis of the necessity for Intelligent Design studies.

That sounds like some real good, down-home, old time religion. What an event! We continue:

He highlighted the similarities and differences between Intelligent Design and Creation Theory and explained why there was a need for both and how science and religion go hand in hand.

Howls of anguish could be heard coming from a certain “think tank” in Seattle. “Oh no,” they cried. “ID isn’t about religion — it’s science!”

Here’s more:

Dembski’s investigative research and insightful lecture was met with appreciative applause as he concluded with prayer.

Now that’s the way it ought to be done! There’s a bit more to the article, but we think you’ve got the general idea. The occasion was a smashing success.

Hey, they have a press release about the event at the College website: this is it. It seems identical to what the newspaper published.

Wait — we almost forgot to give you the caption under that handsome photo of Dempski. It’s this:

Leading Intelligent Design advocate Dr. William Dembski uses the Bible to illustrate a scientific point while speaking in the R.G. Lee Chapel.

By golly, that’s the way to teach science!

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5 responses to “Report: Dembski’s Creationist Revival Meeting

    “ is published daily in Chipley, Florida, by John and Kathy Foster.”

  2. Gabriel Hanna

    This is the same Dembski who said that “intelligent design” is the Logos of the Gospel of John recast in information theory.

    He’s been saying stuff for a long time. They assume they can say intelligent design is religious before religious audiences, and secular before secular audiences, and assume they can get away with it.

  3. This is the same Dembski who said that “intelligent design” is the Logos of the Gospel of John recast in information theory.

    Gotta love it. Dembski presumes he comprehends the cryptic writing of an ancient equivocating religious kook, and carries on the tradition of cryptic kook equivocation (CKE) in fine fashion himself. The whole of ID theory is one giant CKE. ®

  4. Heck, I can use the Bible to defend evolution. The part about “thou shalt not bear false witness” says it all. OTOH, if Dembski truly thinks that the Bible can be read as a science text (I doubt it), he needs to take that up with Michael Behe, who said the opposite.

    Alas, if they can get away with preaching one message to fundamentalist audiences and another to the “secular” one, and still have ~70% of the people buying some subset of their propaganda, they can afford to be as sloppy as they want.

  5. Who redefined “excellent debating skills” as the ability to plow on ahead despite the number of intellectual train wrecks you’ve had…