Discovery Institute: Frenzy in Seattle!

WHAT in the world is going on with the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids)? Look at their recent blog activity:

On 27 November they added 2 blog posts. Typical activity.

On 28 November they posted 3 items. Still not remarkable. But then …

On 29 November they posted 4 articles, and one was by John West, the Associate Director of their creationism propaganda shop. He rarely contributes to their blog.

On 30 November it was 6 new blog posts, of which 3 were by West.

On 01 December they posted 6 more articles.

We’re writing this on the morning of 02 December, and we thought they’d be just waking up in Seattle, but they’ve already added 5 more articles to their blog, one by West.

What explains this sudden activity? The last time we saw anything comparable was more than a year ago, when the Louisiana House passed a version of their Academic Freedom Act. See: Discovery Institute — Ecstasy Over Louisiana. Back then we speculated about their blogging ebullience as follows:

We imagine it’s because the Discoveroids have been under considerable pressure from the contributors to their Seattle “think” tank. As we envision it, their big sugar-daddy has been complaining something like this:

I want action! I’ve poured millions into your miserable public-relations rat-hole. I’ve supported all of you in grand style, and what do I have to show for it? Science still exists. Evolution is still being taught. We’re not even close to establishing a theocracy yet. People still laugh at creationism. That Ben Stein movie was a pathetic loser! We’ve had our “academic freedom” bills introduced into several states, but not one has been passed. What’s wrong with you people? I want action!

It could be that the latest profusion of posts by the Discoveroids is once again related to funding. The year is drawing to a close, and they probably want to show their big contributors how much they’ve accomplished. That is a difficult task, considering how little they have to show for all they money and effort they’ve expended.

But there could be more than funding pressures to account for the Discoveroid activity. It may be that in their ideological madness, as disclosed in The Wedge Document, they actually believe they’re on the verge of toppling the “godless” edifice of science. That’s always been their goal, which they hoped would be accomplished through their efforts to replace evolution with creationism. They’ve done nothing in that regard, but they interpret events beyond their activities to be breaking in their favor.

We’ve described the latest derangement which seems to have taken possession of the Discoveroids. See: Discovery Institute: The Mask Falls Away. They literally believe that ClimateGate (the global warming email imbroglio) signals the realization of their dream — the long-awaited collapse of “big science,” which they see as atheistic and corrupt. When that happens, creationism will somehow emerge from the rubble as the one true science worthy of belief.

What’s the connection between ClimateGate and creationism? There isn’t any, unless you think like a Discoveroid. The way they see it, if the global warming skeptics are proven correct, then so too should the Discoveroid skeptics of “Darwinism.” It’s the “vindication of all kooks” doctrine.

Don’t laugh; that’s what they believe, and it’s got them all worked up into an anticipatory dither. That explains their current posting frenzy, but it’s probably also the case that they’re hoping to encourage some hefty contributions from their usual benefactors.

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2 responses to “Discovery Institute: Frenzy in Seattle!

  1. Curmudgeon: “That is a difficult task, considering how little they have to show for all they money and effort they’ve expended.”

    Here’s my “metric”: AIUI, ~25% of the public is beyond hope, i.e. they’ll never admit evolution under any circimstances. But another ~20% denies it without really knowing what they are denying – they just form their opinion from feel-good sound bites. And yet another ~20% doesn’t deny it but still thinks it’s fair to “teach the controversy.” So as long as the polls do not show a significant decline, the sound bites must be working.

    Of course the DI still has competition from the YEC outfits (though “classic” OEC outfit RTB seems content with it’s small “elite” market share), so we can’t be sure which part if any is due to DI’s efforts. So I’d advise any funding sources to pay attention to results and ignore sales pitches.

  2. When you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bulls–t.

    In other news, the Biologic Institute has failed to publish a single paper this year. Whomp whomp whomp whomp….