The Stupid-Driven Life — Part VI

THIS is the latest in our “Stupid Driven” series, in which we offer disconnected observations we’ve made while reporting on The Controversy between evolution and creationism. These are sometimes taken from our earlier articles, but all of them were inspired by reading and analyzing the “work” of creationists.

For earlier episodes in this thrilling series, see: Part I, followed by Part II, and then Part III, and then Part IV, and most recently Part V. Okay, here we go:

∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞

When a creationist argues “Hitler, Hitler, Hitler; complexity, complexity, complexity,” it’s a waste of time to respond. But if you must, we suggest that a response like: “Incest, retardation, lunacy, brain death,” makes far more sense than the creationist’s accusation. But don’t do it. Just walk away.

∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞

If a creationist asks why apes don’t give birth to humans, and crocodiles don’t produce ducks, one can respond that it’s for the same reason your parents can only produce your siblings, not your distant cousins.

∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞

Ray Comfort’s “special edition” of Darwin’s Origin of Species is as ludicrous as a “special edition” of the Federalist Papers with Marx’s Manifesto as an introduction.

∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞

And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your Curmudgeon can do for you — ask what you can do for your Curmudgeon. (That makes no sense, but it sounds great!)

∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞

There’s only one week remaining to complete your arrangements for Kitzmas, the anniversary of the decision on 20 December 2005 by Judge John E. Jones III in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞ π ∞

[Next in this series: Part VII.]

Copyright © 2009. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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5 responses to “The Stupid-Driven Life — Part VI

  1. I always send little Casey Luskin a “Happy Kitzmas” card, carefully and artfully decorated by me just for the occasion of the DI’s Drubbing in Dover.

    The DI is the reason for the season, don’t you think?

  2. waldteufel says: “The DI is the reason for the season, don’t you think?”

    Sure. No Discoveroids, no Dover.

  3. waldteufel, why are you being so mean to the little attack gerbil, are you trying to make him cry?

    If you are, I’d normally offer the use of my fur covered nut crackers to use on Luskin, but they are ineffective when the nuts are very small.

  4. Waldteufel notes

    The DI is the reason for the season, don’t you think?

    Indeed. As The Dysovary Institute notes, in their article on Kitzmas:

    Described as a Celebration of the Light of Reason, a traditional Kitzmas celebration is centered around a huge, orgiastic feast which culminates in the ‘Blunting of the Wedge’ ceremony, whereby large wedges of special Lemon Test Tart are consumed, copious gallons of spirits imbibed, and rousing choruses of “Merry Kitzmas!” are exhanged amongst friends, family, and other Brethren in Pondscum.

    A custom has developed of entertaining children with tales of Santa Judge, a kindly figure who hands out good ‘verdicts’ to the thoughtful, but no gifts at all for the Luddite at heart.

  5. Megalonyx, thanks for the link to the Dysovary Institute . . . .it’s a real gem!