Creationist Wisdom #97: The Deacon

WE present to you, dear reader, something that isn’t quite a letter-to-the-editor. It’s a guest contribution to a newspaper feature called “From the Pulpit,” and it’s titled The evolution of evolution. This appears in the Oroville Mercury-Register, located in Oroville, California.

Unfortunately, we can’t copy the letter. That newspaper is owned by Media News Group, which sues bloggers who excerpt their material without permission. But click over there and read it for yourself. It’s amusing.

The letter is written by Jon Skillman, a deacon at Grace Baptist Church. We assume this is their website.

Everybody knows that ID is creationism, but the good deacon didn’t get the memo that he shouldn’t admit this in public. Make if it what you will. But note this — even a mind such as the deacon’s is very much aware that ID and creationism are the same thing. If someone like that can figure it out, do the Discoveroids in Seattle imagine they’re fooling anybody?

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10 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #97: The Deacon

  1. Curmudgeon: “If someone like that can figure it out, do the Discoveroids in Seattle imagine they’re fooling anybody?”

    They’re not fooling anyone, but they are training those evolution deniers who are less clueless than the poor deacon how to be in on the scam. What I want to know is if the Discoveroids jumped on the poor deacon as they do with any “Darwinist” who equates ID with creationism. Or did they bite their tongue for the sake of the big tent?

  2. Oh, the deacon went down
    To the cellar to pray
    And he found a jug
    And he stayed all day….

  3. The Gadfly says: “Oh, the deacon went down …”

    And after emptying the jug he wrote an article for the local newspaper.

  4. Maybe I should become a deacon or something. Imagine being able to be condescending and superior when you don’t have a fricken clue about the subject. And instead of being called on it by your peers, you’re applauded and given a position of power. It’d be so much easier than reality.

  5. Albanaeon says: “Maybe I should become a deacon or something.”

    It doesn’t seem terribly difficult to become one. There are obviously no educational requirements.

  6. Wow, look at the comments posted following that newspaper piece! Of the ten so far I’ve seen, nine are snapping and crackling with reason and facts, and in general taking the good Deacon to school. (The tenth is from an even crankier crank merely taking advantage of the occasion to push his own screwy project.) Even in Oroville, it seems, Science will find its defenders.

  7. Right, Deklane. A surprisingly good collection of comments.

  8. The stupid is strong in this one, Master. When you finish planting the electrical thingies into his freekin’ noggin, can I throw the switch? Can I Master? Please?

    Freekin’ putz. No, no not you Master, him, the smelly one.

    I so love the smell of a good sizzle and bake in the morning.


  9. Tundra Boy says: “The stupid is strong in this one, Master.”

    Now, now … be nice. I’m sure his article got him a big standing applause in his church today.

  10. Hmm. “Baptist”, eh? As in baptism, when water is poured over the head of the baptized.

    Water has long been recognized as the most powerful solvent, but it appears to be even more powerful than we thought. It seems to be capable of dissolving all logic and reason.

    Guess it’s how the term “brainwashed” originated.