Creation the Movie: Darwin Does Detroit

YOU have heard about Creation, the new movie about Charles Darwin. The main character is played by Paul Bettany; Jennifer Connelly has the role of Darwin’s wife, Emma.

Our last posts on this subject were written when the film was showing only outside the US. Two months ago, in 1st Month’s Box Office Results we reported on the film’s UK results. It wasn’t a box-office smash. A few weeks before that we reported “Creation” Movie Gets US Distributor.

The film seems to have arrived in the US. The first American review we’ve seen appears in the Detroit News, a failing newspaper in a failing city. It’s titled ‘Creation’ film distorts history through evolutionary eyes.

It required the labor of three geniuses to write this review: Ted Baehr, Jeff Holder and Tom Snyder. At the end of their piece we are told:

Ted Baehr is founder and publisher, Jeff Holder is managing editor and Tom Snyder is editor of Movieguide, a family guide to movies and television.

That’s an impressive lineup. This review is presumably the best work that Detroit has to offer. We’d like to give you some excerpts from the article, but that paper is owned by Media News Group, and they’re suing bloggers who excerpt their stories without permission. So you’ll have to click over there to read it for yourself.

We’ll just give you a bit of description. They start out by blaming the Controversy between evolution and creationism on the media. All this time you’ve been thinking it was caused by the creationists. Well, we’ve all learned something today.

They’re also surprised that the film isn’t about Genesis — you know, that word “Creation” in the title. Imagine their shock when they realized it was about Darwin — the God killer.

They’re very upset that Darwin is shown as the hero of the movie. It’s possible, we suppose, to show the science-deniers as heroes. Such a film’s happy ending would be a final scene in which the scientists were being burned at the stake while the virtuous townsfolk — wielding torches and pitchforks — joyously cheered in triumph.

Wait — it gets better. Then the Detroit movie reviewers then tell us where Darwin went wrong — he ignored the fall of mankind and subsequent curse of God.

This may be hard to believe, but Detroit’s movie reviews are even worse than their economic problems.

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14 responses to “Creation the Movie: Darwin Does Detroit

  1. Yeah, this sounds more like a sermon than a movie review. If this is a sample of how the people in Detroit think, no wonder the city has gone down the tubes.

  2. Detroit? is registered to a Ted Baehr at Good News Communications in Camarillo, California.

  3. Curmudgeon: “Oh — it’s the media who have been creating The Controversy. All this time you’ve been thinking it was the creationists.”

    I see it as creationists giving birth to it, and the media feeding it. And the media of course includes the “3 geniuses” who wrote the “sermon.”

    Without reading the whole “sermon” I will guess that the “geniuses” know about people like Kenneth Miller and Francis Collins, and their belief in “salvation through Jesus Christ,” but convenienly omit them from the “sermon.”

    If I’m wrong, I have no problem retracting. After all I’m not a creationist.

  4. The authors of this piece may all be living in California but, it’s only the Detroit News that is offering this tripe as an editorial piece. I assume because they think it would be meaningful to its readers. Seems rather strange that Detroit readers would care what Californians think about a movie that isn’t even playing in Detroit. As far as I can tell, “Creation” is only playing in one theater in Los Angeles. It isn’t scheduled for national release until January 22. Why is it that the California authors decided that the Detroit News was the place print this? Why did the Detroit News accept it?

  5. RogerE says: “The authors of this piece may all be living in California …”

    Perhaps so, but Detroit put in on the internet, and it’ll get national exposure. I still like my title. I have a weakness for alliteration.

  6. RogerE asks: “I don’t think Darwin ever said that. Does he say that in the movie?”

    According to a review I read, the character in the movie playing Huxley says to Darwin: “You have killed God, sir, and I for one am glad to be rid of the vindictive bugger.” I don’t think it’s an historical quote.

  7. … the book that would “kill God.”

    What’s with the quote marks? I don’t think Darwin ever said that. Does he say that in the movie? I doubt it. Seems more like the authors are trying to use that to rile people up. Geez, talk about distorting history!

  8. Curmudgeon: “I have a weakness for alliteration.”

    I trust you’re on the lookout for anything connecting Dembski to Dallas.

  9. Interesting that they would be defending the poor Christians that were depicted as close-minded and cruel with an article that was pretty close-minded and cruel. Irony?

  10. Seems like the Detroit News is desperate to fill their pages. They trail the Detroit Free Press in circulation.

  11. Frank J suggests

    I trust you’re on the lookout for anything connecting Dembski to Dallas.

    I’d have to advise the Curmudgeon against such a quest: publishing something with a title like Debbie does Dembski could land you in court…

  12. You should see the “review” as it originally appeared at Movieguide! The newspaper’s editors did the authors a favor by taking out the really stupid stuff!

  13. Thanks for the link, John Pieret. The original version had several creationist clunkers. You’re right, the Detroit paper cleaned it up quite a bit.

  14. “You’re right, the Detroit paper cleaned it up quite a bit.”

    I wonder why they did that?