Creationism: One of the Top Texas Stories


AS our title indicates, we’re not alone in thinking that The Controversy between evolution and creationism has been hot news in Texas. The Austin Chronicle has this article about the Top 9 State Stories.

As you would expect, story number one is the “Fort Hood Rampage.” But in the number six position of the Austin Chronicle‘s short list is this:

State Board of What? Fundamentalists on the State Board of Education tried to push through language watering down the teaching of evolution back in the spring, making Texas a national laughingstock. They were only partially successful. Now they’re setting their sights on social studies, and the culture wars rage on.

We also wrote about the culture wars that “rage on,” because that’s part of the creationist mindset. See: Creationist American History in Texas Schools.

For more on that, see this article in the El Paso Times: Textbook travails: Many concerned over changes to social studies curriculum.

Your Curmudgeon would like to give you some excerpts from the story, but that paper is owned by Media News Group, and they’re suing bloggers who excerpt their stories without permission. So you’ll have to click over there to read it for yourself.

There will be other Texas news for us to write about in the coming year, especially regarding the hard-core creationists on the Board of Education. For example, Cynthia Dunbar isn’t running again, and Rick Agosto isn’t running either. Also, Thomas Ratliff is running against Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist. And Rebecca Bell-Metereau is challenging Ken Mercer.

It seems that the worst people on the BOE are either dropping out or being challenged. But until those elections, and depending on their results, a lot of damage can be done. It should be an interesting year.

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6 responses to “Creationism: One of the Top Texas Stories

  1. Gabriel Hanna

    When I was a freshman at WSU we all had to take a basic history class. I still have the book. It has a long section on Mary Wollstonecraft and at some point it mentions Thomas Jefferson.

  2. Only 9 “Top Stories” in Texas? Slow year there? Isn’t “Top 10” the requisite number? Considering how they love to tell us that everything is bigger in Texas, I would have expected at least a “Top 25” list, if not the “Top 100”.

  3. RogerE sagely points out

    Considering how they love to tell us that everything is bigger in Texas, I would have expected at least a “Top 25″ list, if not the “Top 100″.

    Maybe, 1 Top Texan Story = 25 Top Pennsylvania Stories, or 250 Top Rhode Island Stories, &c. &c. ?

  4. Rebecca Metereau is great, but don’t forget there is a Republican challenging Mercer too in the March 2 primary. Tim Tuggey is a smart, ethical choice for Republicans with a true dedication to improving our public education system.

  5. Hopefully, Joel Walker (physics professor, pro-evolution conservative Republican, and all-around good guy) will try for another run.