Freshwater Hearing Halts in Chaos

BACKGROUND: This is an administrative hearing to determine whether John Freshwater will be fired as an 8th-grade science teacher in Ohio. He’s accused of burning a student with a Tesla coil , teaching religion in his science class, and failing to follow the school district’s orders. Freshwater says the district wants to fire him only because he refused to remove a Bible from his desk.

Our last posting on this matter was here: John Freshwater: The Defense Rests. Cross-examination began a couple of days ago. Apparently it’s been a hopeless mess.

Here are some excerpts from Referee intervenes in hearing, which appears in the Mount Vernon News of Mount Vernon, Ohio. The bold font was added by us:

Returning for a second day of cross-examination, John Freshwater and school board attorney David Millstone frequently reached an impasse, prompting contract termination hearing referee R. Lee Shepherd to intervene at times.

It’s usually a clue that things aren’t going well when the person being disciplined starts misbehaving at his own disciplinary hearing. Let’s read on:

For instance, Millstone attempted to find out when Freshwater understood that he was supposed to remove his Bible from his desk, and asked the question more than once.

Check out this dialogue:

“When did you understand you had to remove the Bible from your desk?” asked Millstone.

“Please restate the question,” Freshwater replied.

“What was your understanding after you were told to remove the Bible?”

“Your wording there … It’s a conflicting mess.”

“Did you understand you were told to remove your Bible?” Millstone asked.

“You can’t be deceptive and put things out of context.”

“Did you understand you were told to remove the Bible from your desk?”

“Yes, to remove it from my room.”

[Hearing referee R. Lee] Shepherd said that was not the question, and Millstone repeated it.

Freshwater again answered “Yes, from my room.”

“That’s not responsive to the question,” Shepherd advised.

Millstone repeated the question again and Freshwater answered, “Yes.”

How can they even think of disciplining a fine man like that?

The article goes on with more of the same, and then it ends with this:

Millstone’s recross of Freshwater will take place at 9 a.m. Jan. 15, 2010.

So we’ll have more John Freshwater news to report in 2010. But we’ll leave the heavy lifting to Richard B. Hoppe at Panda’s Thumb. The best coverage of this topic has been by him.

Update: Here’s Hoppe’s post on this: Freshwater: 2009 (but not the hearing) drags to an end.

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3 responses to “Freshwater Hearing Halts in Chaos

  1. Evidently, basic English comprehension is not required for Science teachers.

  2. retiredsciguy

    What, you think we’re all engineers or something?

    Actually, I’m sure Freshwater comprehends the language perfectly. He also comprehends that he must deflect the questions to confuse the issue, because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance otherwise. The judge should find him in contempt.

  3. retiredsciguy, “What, you think we’re all engineers or something?”

    Of course! Just like all Darwinists are atheists.