John Leonard, Creationist Polymath, Is Here

YOU gotta love the internet. Yesterday we posted Creationist Wisdom #101: The Polymath, about a creationist article by John Leonard, appearing in Right Side News.

Today, the author of that article has dropped in to defend his work. Here’s one paragraph from his four-paragraph comment:

You can mock and ridicule me all you want but it doesn’t matter because until you successfully refute any statement made in the article, or in my book for that matter. Question my credentials, insult my publisher, I don’t care – I write to make my point, and I will sell books whether you buy them or not.

It’s been our policy here to discourage debates with creationists. Although they’re a popular feature at some websites, they’re rarely more than food-fights. Such debates never change anyone’s mind, and they almost always degenerate into name-calling. On this occasion, however, we’re suspending our “no creationism debates” rule.

But we’re far too set in our Curmudgeonly ways to abandon our civility standards. Of all the blogs that deal with The Controversy and accept comments from readers, this one has been the best-behaved. We’re going to keep it that way.

So say what you want to say in response to Mr. Leonard, but remember — we are all gentlemen here, and there may be ladies present. (Is that a sexist remark? Yeah, it probably is.) Even when we’re not paying attention, our filters will automatically hold comments in moderation status if they contain intemperate language.

To keep the discussion all in one place, the commenting feature for this post is turned off. That way, everything will be at the original thread.

Update: It’s been more than 24 hours since Leonard posted his comment and we replied to welcome him to a discussion. He hasn’t come back. It looks like yet another example of creationist hit-and-run. Our traditional “no debates with creationists” rule, having been tested, is once again in effect.

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