Creationist News From Jack Chick

We’ve written about Jack Chick before. It’s quite likely that Creationist Comic Books from Jack Chick are currently the world’s principal source of misinformation about evolution — and science generally.

Naturally, your Curmudgeon has been exploring Chick’s website. We discovered that it has something they call a newsletter. It’s named Battle Cry, where we found an article (or whatever it is) titled New Discoveries Continue to Shake the Evolutionist’s World . Here are a few excerpts. The bold font was added by us:

Evidence of a young earth continues to pile up. Creation Science Evangelism, producers of the Kent Hovind Creation DVDs, describes how meteorites are largely missing in sedimentary rock.

Wow! DVDs from Kent Hovind. What a resource! If you follow that link (not in this paragraph, the last one) you’ll learn, among other things:

Dr. Kent Hovind is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on science and the Bible. His amazing ability to communicate complicated scientific concepts in an easy-to-understand formant makes this essential information accessible to lay people, as well as the science professor. His fully-illustrated slides and humor make assimilating knowledge exciting, enjoyable, and even entertaining! This 17-hour series is a “must-have” for anyone studying the vital subject of Creation.

Let’s read on from the Battle Cry article:

Evidence of a young earth is the devastating factor in destroying the argument of evolutionists. The only substitute they have for a Creator is Time. It is their “god of creation.” If the cosmos is not millions, or billions, of years old, then the imagined mutations that evolutionists believe to have created life and man cannot have happened.

“Time” is the only refuge they have from the deluge of evidence piling up against the evolutionary theory. With each newly developed research tool comes additional proof of an intelligent, awesome Creator.

Yes, time is all we have. The article continues:

Besides paperbacks and DVDs, Chick Publications provides several tracts designed to cast doubt on evolution and point to the Creator.

Oh, goodie! Here are some examples:

The tract, Big Daddy? [the classic of all Chick’s comics] and the booklet, In The Beginning…Soup? [readable online] present basic facts that destroy the theory of evolution. Tracts In The Beginning [a comic] and Moving On Up [another comic] contrast evolution with the Bible story of creation and work well with students.

Three of those are links are to online copies of comics. You can enjoy hours of stimulating reading. Informative too! The article concludes with this:

Let’s use this literature to seed the truth into our communities to counter the monstrous lie of evolution and teach the truth that there really is a Creator who loves us and has provided a way to deal with the guilt of our sin.

So there you are. Study. Learn. Then go forth and spread the word.

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12 responses to “Creationist News From Jack Chick

  1. From the Battle Cry- 240,000 Gospel ‘Seeds’ Planted in Zimbabwe: Chick tracts and gospel film help lead thousands to Christ in Zimbabwe.

    It reminds me of this story at The Onion.

    I noticed that the rationalwiki page for Poe’s Law cites Chick Tracts in the “Test Yourself” section. I knew when I saw that which they were. I first became familiar with them c. 1978, as a bored kid who read any comic he could get his hands on.

  2. The Obtuse Oroboros says: “It reminds me of this story at The Onion.”

    Deeply satisfying.

  3. darwinsbulldog

    Documentary about Jack Chick:

  4. The producers of the Jack Chick tracts depend on the generally profound intellectual numbness of the average American.

  5. From the Onion article:
    “..was able to fund the [pointless proselytising instead of famine relief] mission largely through… bake-offs, barbecues, and pie-eating contests.”

  6. “Dr. Kent Hovind is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on science and the Bible.”

    That joke is so old I can’t even laugh anymore. Chick neglected to include Hovind’s federal prisoner number. He still has a few years left to serve.

    Oh, by the way, the evidence just keeps piling up that the Earth is flat and at the center of the Universe. Just keeps piling up …piling up …that’s the thing about horse manure – it just keeps piling up.

  7. Keelyn says: “Chick neglected to include Hovind’s federal prisoner number.”

    Hovind’s martyrdom is a mere technicality. Some of Chick’s comics cite Hovind as an authority.

  8. Actually, the excerpted panel at the top seems to have been altered slightly. Where it says “Darwinists beware!” in a different lettering style, the original version I’ve seen said, “If you reject Jesus, your Creator, that will be your worst mistake ever!”

    Not that it changes much — the looney part about people who believe we evolved from monkeys ending up in the lake of fire is in fact in the original. Still, the Creationists are rightly criticized for “quote mining,” quoting out of context or doctoring quotes, and it ill behooves the rational side to do the same.

  9. Curdge, I have to admire you for daring to tempt Chick’s website. Even reading these tracts within the safe confines of satire and mocking, my sanity tends to slip a bit.

  10. Deklane says: “Actually, the excerpted panel at the top seems to have been altered slightly.”

    Right. The original is from the final panel of “Moving on up.” I used it in this post. The top panel says something about Jesus. This time around, to make it more applicable to our subject matter, I replaced that with “Darwinists Beware.”

  11. From thje article: “Evidence of a young earth continues to pile up.”

    If that’s so why haven’t the Discoveroids jumped on it?

  12. stevesomething

    Have you seen the film which has nine adaptations of Jack Chick tracts? It’s called “Hot Chicks” and it’s great. My favorite is “Bewitched” done with puppets. There is also “Somebody Goofed” and “Doom Town” and a bunch more. I found my copy at It seems like something you’d like.