Ronda Storms has a Primary Challenger

The Florida Ark

The Florida Ark

WE have more creationist news from that blessed region we’ve been calling The Florida Ark. This is about rapturous Ronda Storms, the creationist queen of the Florida Senate. See: Ronda Storms, Ronda Storms.

In the St. Petersburg Times we read Ronda Storms has primary opponent in re-election bid. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Republican Paul Phillips, an attorney who lives in Valrico, has filed to run for the Distict 10 state Senate seat. Republican Ronda Storms is seeking re-election to the post after one term in office.

Okay, but what’s Phillips all about? Let’s read on:

He said he wants to take some his business expertise to Tallahassee and not waste time on laws that infringe on personal liberties — such as forcing people to wear seatbelts. “When you get too far into social issues you necessarily end up at censorship,” Phillips said. More important are such such as property taxes, property insurance and help for business owners.

Seat belts? What about creationism? We continue:

One idea he’d like to revive — the elimination of property taxes and an increase in sales taxes, an idea espoused by Marco Rubio when he was House speaker. “I thought it was a phenomenal idea,” said Phillips, noting that it would save taxpayers millions simply by not having to pay salaries for county property appraisers.

That’s interesting, but it’s not what interests us. Here’s more:

Phillips hosted a fundraiser for Rubio’s U.S. Senate run on Friday night at the Palma Ceia country club. He also wrote the resolution for the Hillsboorugh County Republican Party chastising state party leaders for endorsing Charlie Crist in his primary run against Rubio.

If he’s a Rubio man, we’re concerned. See:Marco Rubio: Creationist Theocrat for Senator? Moving along:

“The last I heard our Constitution doesn’t grant any line for holding office,” said Phillips, who teaches a class on philosophy and ethics at St. Petersburg College. “I’m a rabid constitutionalist.”

We’re getting mixed signals here. One last excerpt:

Storms said she welcomes the challenge. “People should run. It helps the process. It helps voters,” she said. Anyone who’s not happy with the way government is run should throw their hat in the ring, she said. “That’s how I got into public service,” she said.

That’s nice. Ah, we found his page at St. Petersburg College, and it gives some biographical data, but no clue about creationism.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this race. Almost anyone would be better than Ronda, but we’ll have to wait for more information.

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2 responses to “Ronda Storms has a Primary Challenger

  1. I might go for an avid constitutionalist but am leery of a “rabid constitutionalist.” A rabid anything just isn’t good. What’s with “forcing people to wear seatbelts”? This is like saying people are “forced” to drive with their headlights on at night or “forced” to stop at red lights. No one is forced to do these things. They just have to pay the price if they don’t. Death if they get in an accident or a fine if the cops catch them.

  2. I see from Mr. Phillips bio that he worked “in structured finance as Vice-President, Capital Strategies for Washington Mutual Bank. During this time, Paul was instrumental in developing Washington Mutual’s first REIT preferred hybrid security…” Isn’t this the type of “creative” financing that got the banks and brokerage houses into deep doodoo that we are still bailing them out on?