Pat Robertson, Port-au-Prince, & Dover, PA

Many of you — probably all of you — are outraged at the comments by Pat Robertson regarding the recent earthquake in Haiti.

But your Curmudgeon urges tolerance for Robertson. He’s basically a good man. When he publicly makes a flaming fool of himself, as he has done again and again, it must be remembered that he labors under a crippling disability — full blown creationism.

You all know about the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, which put a stake through the heart of the creationists’ attempt to sneak their deranged dogma into schools disguised as a scientific theory called intelligent design.

Even before that superb decision by Judge John E. Jones was issued, the town of Dover, Pennsylvania had a school board election and the creationists were tossed out. That prompted Robertson to issue a couple of spectacularly boneheaded comments.

As reported by the BBC at the time, in Evangelist says voters reject God:

On Tuesday [08 November 2005], Dover voters ousted the local school board, which had tried to introduce the concept [of ID] as an alternative to the theory of evolution.

Pat Robertson told his TV show that the town had turned its back on God. “I’d like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don’t turn to God, you just rejected Him from your city,” Mr Robertson said on The 700 Club.

It didn’t stop there. Robertson later issued a clarification, so there would be no doubt about his meaning. That same BBC story informs us:

Following his comments on Thursday, Mr Robertson issued a statement saying that he was simply trying to point out that “our spiritual actions have consequences”.

“God is tolerant and loving, but we can’t keep sticking our finger in His eye forever,” Mr Robertson said. “If they have future problems in Dover, I recommend they call on Charles Darwin. Maybe he can help them.”

And so, dear reader, you see the problem. Creationism has robbed Robertson of the ability to reason. Therefore, we urge you to be tolerant of poor ol’ Pat when he says crazy things. He’s not a bad man; but because creationism has destroyed his brain, he can be expected to behave like a lunatic from time to time, and such episodes are likely to occur with increasing frequency.

It’s like your aged grandfather who sometimes wanders off and gets lost. He’s not trying to run away from home; he just gets confused and can’t take care of himself.

So it is with Pat Robertson. Full blown creationism is a horrible disorder, affecting millions of otherwise decent people. Robertson deserves our sympathy.

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14 responses to “Pat Robertson, Port-au-Prince, & Dover, PA

  1. Perhaps he should read Luke 13:4-5, about the people who were killed in the collapse of the tower at Siloam not being killed because they were exceptionally sinful.

  2. Wikipedia has a whole section on Robertson’s diarrhea of the mouth:

  3. So it is with Pat Robertson. Full blown creationism is a horrible disorder

    From what I’ve seen on Pat Robertson and considering his age, I guess you can also add senile dementia on top of that.

    In fact, a good case could probably be made for an exceptionally early dementia onset (along with other disorders) as far as P.R. is concerned… I won’t believe anyone not mentally ill, no matter how ignorant and brain-washed, could conceive and publicize all the enormities he’s been spewing out for decades.

  4. I can only conclude, were there ever empirical evidence to persuade me that a smiting Deity such as Robertson supposes actually did exist and actually did crush thousands of children underneath tons of concrete slabs by way of retribution for actions of their ancestors — well, such a Deity would be worthy only of contempt and defiance. One would have to be an enemy of such a God.

  5. Great Claw blasphemes: “… such a Deity would be worthy only of contempt and defiance.”

    It’s not too late to get on His good side. Otherwise, the Lake of Fire awaits …

  6. Sorry Curdge, I’m going to disagree with you. PR is not a good man. He may occassionally accomplish good things, but his statements speak for themselves on how much he values the lives of “non-believers.” In his worldview, they only have two options. Convert or suffer.

  7. Albanaeon notes:

    PR is not a good man… In his worldview, they only have two options. Convert or suffer.

    Indeed: a doctrine indistinguishable from that held by Osama bin Laden. The latter is merely more proactive in bringing about the suffering.

  8. Following-up on RodgerE’s comment. It’s been known for a long time that diarrhea of the mouth is very often a symptom of constipation of the brain.

  9. ohioobserver

    It’s possible to both crazy AND bad, as in Robertson’s case. As looney as his opinions and pronouncements are, he has no problem figuring out how to relieve thousands of people of millions of dollars. As nuts as he may sound, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows there’s lots of people who will nod, thump their bibles, and utter paens of praise. He’s an exploitive liar.

  10. ohioobserver observes: “He’s an exploitive liar.”

    Well, he’s a creationist.

  11. ohioobserver

    sorry –“an”, not “and”. The typo gods must hate me.

    And yeah, lots of creationists are liars. BUt it’s possible to be a creationist and sincerely believe every word of it. That makes you intellectually lazy, not a liar. Robertson knows that what he’s saying is bull, and takes money for it. If he were a commercial enterprise, rather than a religious guru, he’d have been under investigation for fraud long ago.

  12. ohioobserver says: “The typo gods must hate me.”

    We know how to take care of such things. The typo gods fear me.

  13. Recent travels to visit family have put me deep into company of Robertson’s fans. I’ll admit this blog may be a small source of comfort in these dark hours.

    I’m going to add my opinion that Robertson is not a good man at all. From Pat “Liquor Officer” Robertson”:

    We had a cleaning girl who came in. It’s like the story of the fraternity house and the nineteen (19) year-old housemother. We had a cleaning girl who was nineteen (19) who was our maid in our barracks. But she was a nice Korean girl.

    And we had a lot of prostitutes around there, for example. And, well, Pat used to fool around with her all the time. That is, pinching her and carrying on.

    And every once in awhile, he would chase her outside the house and then he would continue chasing her and pinching her outside the house.

    That would terrify her because the Koreans would see.

    And, of course, these prostitutes were dead meat when we left because they had ruined their lives to make money off of the Americans.

    But once the Americans left, they were really finished.

    And she didn’t want the Korean men to see her fooling around like with an American. And she’d plead with him to stop and he wouldn’t stop. And none of the rest of us would have done that.

    The man has been an ass his entire life, as near as I can tell. That whole story about his Marine “service” is enlightening.

  14. Oroboros says: “Recent travels to visit family have put me deep into company of Robertson’s fans.”

    I sympathize. I recently spoke with someone who has worked for him for years. She has great affection for him, but she thinks maybe it’s time he retired.