Creation: 1st Weekend Box Office Results

Creation: The true story of Charles Darwin

Creation, the movie, has completed its opening weekend in the US. The results may be adjusted in the next day or so, but here’s what we find at this website for box office results:

Showing at 7 theaters.
Total gross receipts: $52,000
Receipts per theater: $7,429 average

That’s not a lot of money for a serious film with name actors. But a debut at only 7 theaters really isn’t much of a debut.

Here’s weekend results for all films for the weekend of 22-24 January 2010. You’ll have to scroll way down to find Creation, because it’s near the bottom of the list — it’s sorted according to gross revenue. On a per-theater basis, however, we noticed only four other films that did better than Creation.

Let’s compare this to the opening weekend for Expelled, Ben Stein’s creationist “documentary.” We reported on that after the film’s opening weekend on 18 April 2008: Expelled — Corrected Box Office Results.

If you want to check for yourself, the figures for Expelled are still online here. You’ll have to scroll down; the film was in 10th place that weekend.

Expelled opened at 1,052 theaters, rather amazing for a documentary. Average gross per theater was $1,149 the first day, $947 the second day, and $728 the third day. That’s right, ticket sales declined every day.

So what do we learn from this? Creation‘s average gross was $7,429 per theater, which is ten times larger than the per-theater gross for Expelled on the last day of its opening weekend.

Not only that, but on a per-theater basis, Creation did better than all but four films on its opening weekend. Creation‘s distributor is probably kicking himself for not signing up more theaters. Don’t be surprised if the the number of theaters showing the film starts to increase in the next few weeks.

Now imagine that you were a theater owner. Which film would you rather be showing — Creation or Expelled? Even in the movie business, quality sometimes works out better than trash.

Update: Corrected figures have been posted. Creation‘s first weekend gross was $53,073 (up from the initial estimate of $52,000). Per-theater average is $7,582.

2nd Update: See 2nd Weekend Box Office Results.

3rd Update: See Creation: 3rd Weekend Box Office Results.

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2 responses to “Creation: 1st Weekend Box Office Results

  1. The screening I attended this weekend in the Boston area was pretty much a full house. It is on the slow side, but it’s wonderfully acted and beautifully shot, a real tear-jerker. Just don’t expect a focus on science, although quotes from the Origin are used to good effect.

  2. James F says: “… it’s wonderfully acted and beautifully shot …”

    I donno. Ben Stein is a tough act to follow.