Ronda Storms and Naked School Boys

Buffoon Award

It’s been a while since we wrote about Ronda Storms, creationist queen of the Florida Senate, whom we hold in the highest esteem. See: Buffoon Award Winner — Ronda Storms.

Ronda’s long and distinguished record of Buffoonery was summarized here: Ronda Storms, Ronda Storms, but she’s been active since that post.

In the Star-Banner of Ocala, Florida we read Supervision needed in school locker rooms? Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

[We’d like to give you some excerpts from the news story, but that paper is being acquired by Stephens Media, and they’re suing bloggers who excerpt their content without permission. So you’ll have to click over there to read it for yourself.]


What? All that’s required here is to lock up the perpetrators for life. Ronda wants to “supervise locker rooms at all times”? All over the state? Every locker room in every school? Here’s more:


Here’s Rapturous Ronda’s page at the Florida Senate’s website. We can’t find any bill on this that she’s introduced yet. Moving along:


This proposal would certainly create a bunch of new jobs in Florida. We can imagine the advertisements “Wanted: Adults to continuously stare into the boys’ locker room while the kids are getting dressed and undressed.” With a job description like that, we’re confident that the right people will be recruited.

We know you’re all wondering — Ronda’s wackiness is endlessly fascinating, but where’s the creationist connection? It’s this — Ronda’s obsession with creationism, and the Dewey Decimal System, and religious license plates, and school prayer, and serving alcohol at private museum events, and all the rest — they’re all tied into her obsession with unsupervised nakedness. We’re evil, fallen creatures, and therefore we need Ronda’s guidance at all times.

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6 responses to “Ronda Storms and Naked School Boys

  1. Rhonda appears consumed by the fear that somewhere in Florida, at every moment, there is an “unsupervised” minor. And she’s going to make sure the Nanny State puts an end to that sort of thing.

    Personally, I fear “unsupervised” legislators a whole lot more than a few unsupervised kids in a locker room.

    All in favor of surveillance cameras in the Legislative looo say “aye”!

  2. Longie says:

    All in favor of surveillance cameras in the Legislative looo say “aye”!

    I hope she also intends supervision for the little girls. It might be easier to find personnel to staff those positions.

  3. “staff” — a disturbing choice of word considering the subject….

  4. Ronda brings out the worst in you, Longie. But then, everything brings out the worst in you.

  5. retiredsciguy

    Seriously, though, where’s the coach? Having taught in a middle school for 27 years, I can say that middle school students should never be left totally unsupervised. Even if the coach isn’t in the locker room, he should be within earshot. Students should always have the expectation of supervision. Any school district that doesn’t have a policy providing some form of supervision, or that doesn’t enforce such a policy, is laying itself wide open to a huge lawsuit.
    I don’t agree at all with Storm’s creationist views and activism, but she’s not too far wrong here. I don’t think it should require a state law requiring full-time locker room supervision, however. Most school districts should already have policies that place responsibility for student safety on a particular teacher, coach, or administrator. Any school administration that doesn’t enforce these policies is negligent.

  6. Sounds to me like she has some grave form of what I like to call the “Big Brother complex.”

    There’s a huge difference between “some supervision” or an adult being within earshot and supervision at all times in locker rooms.

    After all, why not restrooms, too? Usually people are more dressed there than in bath- and locker rooms!

    Not to mention, permanent supervision of locker rooms, by adults, is so easy to abuse! One step away from the now-renowned Catholic schools in Ireland. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?