Creation: 2nd Weekend Box Office Results

Creation: The true story of Charles Darwin

Creation, the movie, has completed its second weekend in the US. We discussed the first weekend’s results here: 1st Weekend Box Office Results.

The estimated results can be seen at this website box office results, January 29-31. You’ll have to scroll down to number 43, as the films are listed by gross receipts. Here are the numbers:

Showing at 12 theaters (up from 7 last weekend).
Total gross receipts: $39,994 ($52,000 last weekend)
Receipts per theater: $3,333 ($7,429 last weekend)

The average of receipts per theater is down from the opening weekend, but if you look at the entire list of 71 films, only nine of them did better. Creation is doing well for the theaters that are showing it. There may be even more next week.

Let’s compare this to Ben Stein’s creationist documentary, Expelled, for that film’s second weekend. The results are online here. Scroll down to the 13th film. It was showing at 1,041 theaters, down 11 from its first weekend. The average per theater was $1,340.

So for its second weekend, Creation is grossing almost three times per theater what Expelled did, and the number of theaters showing Creation is increasing, not dropping like Ben Stein’s film.

Creation still isn’t a blockbuster, nor could it be with such a limited debut and theme; but it’s holding up rather well. Beating Ben Stein’s film is what we were hoping for, and on a per theater basis we’ve got that. All is well.

Update: See Creation: 3rd Weekend Box Office Results.

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4 responses to “Creation: 2nd Weekend Box Office Results

  1. Gabriel Hanna

    It’s not so much that people are going to see this movey–it’s that the Ben Stein movie was hyped all out of proportion to the number of people who cared enough to go out and see it.

    The Passion of the Christ, by contrast, appealing largely to the same demographic, took in $370 million and is the 12th highest grossing film of all time.

    I think from this you can conclude that the religious majority in this country isn’t interested enough in creationism to pay money to be instructed in it.

  2. “Showing at 12 theaters”?
    Let’s see. How many theaters are there in the USA? Avatar is showing at over 3,000. Expelled showed at 1,052 one weekend. Showing at 12 theaters is next to not showing it all. “Creation” might be doing good on a receipts per theater basis but, at the rate they are going, “Expelled” is going to have it beat all to hell for the number of people who actually see the film. Rather depressing to think that Americans would prefer seeing a cretinoid [sic] fantasy than a film about a major scientific figure.

  3. What does the box office really matter? Why would anyone care that one film is “beating” another (especially when you have to torture the numbers)? Truth is not a matter of popularity. Science is not up for a vote, otherwise we’d be studying astrology in our physics courses.

    Yes, it would be nice if more people understood the issues and had a better grasp of science in general, and biology in particular. It would also be nice if Scarlett Johannsen and Reese Witherspoon knocked on my door asking for a three-way. Wishes are great, but reality is what we have to live with.

    Thanks for the site- it’s very entertaining for those of us who DO care and ARE interested.

  4. Gabriel Hanna: “I think from this you can conclude that the religious majority in this country isn’t interested enough in creationism to pay money to be instructed in it.”

    “Expelled” showed that few of even the most hopeless ~25% (hard line fundamentalists) care about seeing what they “know” already. If another ~60% makes up the rest of the “religious majority,” a majority of them (38% of total, per recent polls) accept evolution. But sadly the response is usually “yeah I guess evolution happened.” Very few care – and that goes for the non-religious too – about the fascinating science behind it or how various groups have been misrepresenting it for 150 years, not to mention the fascinating “evolution” and “speciation” of those misrepresention strategies.