Discovery Institute Touts Another Genius

THE neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids) are promoting another creationist book. Their blog announces: Interview with Intelligent Design Mathematician Granville Sewell Now Online

Who is “intelligent design mathematician” Granville Sewell? Wikipedia informs us:

Edward Granville Sewell is an American mathematician, university professor, and intelligent design advocate. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Texas, El Paso.


Sewell is signatory to the Discovery Institute’s A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism petition. … [H]e reiterates the view that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics.

Impressed? There’s more to come. Here are some excerpts from the Discoveroid blog article, with bold added by us:

A new website has just launched in support of Dr. Granville Sewell’s new book, In The Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design. Along with information about the book, there is a nice brief interview with Sewell that you will want to read.

We wrote about Sewell and his book a couple of weeks ago: Math Disproves Evolution. It must be great book because it’s published by Discovery Institute Press.

Let’s read on in the Discoveroid blog. They give us a sample question & answer from the online interview. Check this out:

Q. You express some doubt that even under “the right conditions, the influx of stellar energy into a planet could cause atoms to rearrange themselves into nuclear power plants and spaceships and computers.” This, you say, ought to be “considered an open question” at least by scientists and the public alike. Why isn’t it?

That’s a question worth highlighting by the Discoveroids? Here’s Sewell’s answer, which is so loaded with wisdom that we’ll break it into smaller paragraphs for easy reading:

A. A typical college physics text I read contains the statement “One of the most remarkable simplifications in physics is that only four distinct forces account for all known phenomena.”

Most people just haven’t ever thought about things in this way, that if you don’t believe in intelligent design, you must believe this claim, that the four unintelligent forces of physics caused atoms on Earth to rearrange themselves into nuclear power plants, spaceships and computers.

When they do think about it, they may start to see things a little differently. This is part of the “broader view” that is often missed by biologists, but noticed by mathematicians and physicists.

Good, huh? That’s the teaser the Discoveroids think will encourage you to click over to Sewell’s website where you can hear the entire interview in all its brilliance. Then you’ll want to run out and buy his book. And then you’ll be convinced that creationism is the way to go.

Oh, at the very end, the Discoveroid article reminds us that Sewell thinks Darwin’s theory is “easily the dumbest idea ever taken seriously by science.”

It looks like the Discoveroids have found another champion; and maybe Casey will have another hero. In Seattle, life is good.

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15 responses to “Discovery Institute Touts Another Genius

  1. I think one of the most remarkable simplifications is the force that empowers the explanation of the alternative phenomena: belief in oogity boogity.

  2. Yes, tildeb, the theory of Oogity Boogity is humanity’s greatest accomplishment.

  3. Hmm, the 4 forces are capable of producing atoms without intelligent help. Those same 4 forces are capable of producing heat from the atoms previously built. The heat produced helps the 4 forces produce the heavier atoms, and encourage the development of simple molecules. Those molecules, with the help of a bit of energy can combine into more complex molecules like amino acids which in turn get together to produce RNA, and so on…

    You know, it is impossible for Granville Sewell to suddenly appear in Paris from his home in Texas. He simply can’t go anywhere, poor b*&^ard.

    Unless of course he walks to his car, drives to the airport and flies to Paris, moving through each bit of space along that path.

    Who needs intermediate steps? Magical thinking indeed.

  4. [H]e reiterates the view that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics.

    Possibly the biggest crock of all the creationist arguments; scientific fields don’t contradict each other. Mark Perakh breaks it down. I’m sure they’re only wheeling Sewell out because they’re shifting the focus from irreducible complexity to specified complexity.

  5. James F says:

    I’m sure they’re only wheeling Sewell out because they’re shifting the focus from irreducible complexity to specified complexity.

    The Discoveroids do seem to be shifting their focus since Dover. I’m not certain of the new game plan, but they seem to be emphasizing their “academic freedom” and “viewpoint discrimination” arguments. They’re also churning out some books and promoting them as works of science.

  6. Tundra Boy says: “Hmm, the 4 forces are capable of producing atoms without intelligent help.”

    Oh yeah? Were you there?

  7. Certainly I was there, it was last Thursday.

  8. As a graduate of UTEP, i’m very embarrassed of this individual sewell

  9. jdg notes

    As a graduate of UTEP, i’m very embarrassed

    Relax, there isn’t an institution of higher learning which hasn’t given degrees to at least a few bozos. Thou art not thy fellow alumni’s keeper…

  10. Just four forces were able to give rise to the Discoverrhoids:

    1. Henry Morris
    2. Lee Atwater
    3. The Southern Baptist Convention
    4. Tard

  11. Amadan says: “4. Tard”

    Would that be bas-, cus-, do-, or mus-?

  12. Curmudgeon: “In Seattle, life is good.”

    Even better than you think. It took the unnamed, unembodied intelligent designer over 4 years, but he/she/it is finally punishing us who live near Dover with crippling snow storms for “expelling” ID/creationism from public schools. 😉

  13. Our Gracious Host asks, anent ‘Tard’

    Would that be bas-, cus-, do-, or mus-?

    You really must pay us a visist at AtBC.

    The Uncommonly Dense thread is surely the world’s leading Tardoscope.

  14. I love the second law of thermodynamics precludes evolution argument. I guess that also means that embryological development is impossible. You start out with a single egg and end up with multi-trillions of cells in an adult human. I guess none of us exist. If embryological development is consistent with the laws of thermodynamics so is evolution.

  15. Michael Fugate

    Oh no – the egg has “undefinable functional specified complex information” inside – first injected by “the intelligent designer” – allowing the cell to overcome the laws of thermodynamics. Just read Steven Meyer’s new book “The Designer Did It”.