Texas SBOE Election: McLeroy vs Ratliff

Don McLeroy (left) and Thomas Ratliff (right)

AS we’ve been reporting, for example here: Texas SBOE Elections on 02 March and here: Primary Election Picks, the Texas primary elections for the State Board of Education are this Tuesday, 02 March.

As a special treat, here’s Part 1 of a debate between Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist, and Thomas Ratliff, who deserves to win. This video is about ten minutes long. If that’s not enough, there are more YouTube offerings at this link. You can also watch parts 2 through 6 of the debate.

There’s no need to thank us. Making this thrilling material available is the only reward your Curmudgeon requires.

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6 responses to “Texas SBOE Election: McLeroy vs Ratliff

  1. Go, Thomas, go! Yabba dabba doo time at the SBOE is over!

  2. James F says: “Yabba dabba doo time at the SBOE is over!”

    Not quite. Even if Ratliff wins the primary, McLeroy’s term doesn’t end until the general election in November. In that event, he will no longer be on his best behavior. He’ll be entirely unleashed. We must brace ourselves for the worst.

  3. Curmudgeon: “He’ll be entirely unleashed. We must brace ourselves for the worst.”

    And possibly worse still after he leaves office and has more time on his hands to spread his propaganda. The sensationalist media – even the most liberal part – will likely give him as much of a forum as he wants. And yet that could be a good thing. He is already on record as advocating the “big tent” approach, which is a practical admission that there’s no other “theory” out there. But most people are still unaware of that. Given how McLeroy is much less politically correct than the professional “Discoveroids” he could be our “useful idiot.”

  4. Actually, I’m not unhappy about buffoons like our own McLeroy (or the buffoonish-in-a-different-way Ratliff). Public education has totally gone off the tracks, and anything which can hasten its end and help legitimize the idea of *real* educational choice is only a good thing in my mind.

    Not a popular view, I’ll grant you. 😉

  5. SC wrote:

    In that event, he will no longer be on his best behavior. He’ll be entirely unleashed. We must brace ourselves for the worst.

    Well, his power was already checked somewhat when his reappointment as board chair was rejected by the Texas Senate, but I’ll take an end-of-term tantrum to having him continue to serve as point man for the creationists and historical revisionists. He’s already a national laughingstock; the hole he’s dug is close to the bedrock (the town of Bedrock, that is).

  6. James F: “He’s already a national laughingstock..”

    Where? Do 1% of the people outside of Texas, or even 10% in Texas, know his name? Even if they do, there’s still that major problem of (1) ~45% of adult Americans who reject evolution and another ~20% think it’s fair to “teach both sides,” and (2) ~90% that can’t even describe a molecule. Until we change that – and I’ll be content if only the most hopeless 25% continue to deny evolution – there will always be McLeroys somewhere fooling people who are capable of knowing better.