Texas SBOE Election Results: 02 Mar 2010

Board of Education Election Results

Update: For final results see The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.

THE website of the Texas Secretary of State has a place where returns are posted for the primary elections being held on 02 March 2010. Go here Election Night Returns to begin your search if you’re interested in the Governor’s race or some of the legislative contests.

What we’re going to do is provide separate links for each of the State Board of Education races we’ve been following. The results at the Secretary of State’s website will be dynamically updated every three minutes, so you can keep each race open in a separate browser tab.

We’ve discussed many of these races here: Primary Election Picks, and it’s too late to repeat all that we’ve written in previous posts about the situation in Texas. We said it all here: Texas, the Republican Party, & the World.

The time has come to watch how the votes come in.

In the District 5 Republican primary, Tim Tuggey (our pick) is running against incumbent Ken Mercer, a flaming, full-blown creationist. The election returns can be seen here: State Board of Education, District 5, Republican.

In the District 5 Democratic primary, Rebecca Bell-Metereau (our pick) is running against Daniel Boone, Josiah James Ingalls and Robert Bohmfalk. The election returns can be seen here: State Board of Education, District 5, Democrat.

In District 9 — the biggie — incumbent creationist dentist Don McLeroy is being challenged by Thomas Ratliff (our pick) in the Republican primary. No one is running in the Dem primary. The election returns can be seen here: State Board of Education, District 9, Republican.

In District 10, the seat that had been held by retiring Board member Cynthia Dunbar (a flaming creationist), is open. Rebecca Osborne (our pick) is running against Brian Russell (endorsed by Dunbar) and Marsha Farney. The election returns can be seen here: State Board of Education, District 10, Republican.

Those are the only races we’ve been paying attention to. If Mercer, McLeroy, and Russell (Dunbar’s clone) are defeated, we’ll be a happy Curmudgeon.

As we post this, there are no results available yet. The night is young.

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22 responses to “Texas SBOE Election Results: 02 Mar 2010

  1. Even more up to date totals.

    Not that I’m obsessing about it, oh no.

  2. I just figured out that the results are automatically updated, so I have each race in a separate tab. The McLeroy race is close, but he’s about 200 votes behind. The Dunbar clone is slightly ahead in his race. Mercer is clobbering Tuggey.

  3. James F, that link you gave is where my links come from.

  4. My bad, S.C. I didn’t refresh after clicking your links.

    Don’t forget Districts 12 and 15. So far, Bob Craig is clobbering Randy Rives. This is a really critical race, let’s hope Craig pulls it out.

  5. Right. I haven’t been following that one, but Craig is a good guy. Also, in the one Dem primary I’m following, Rebecca Bell-Metereau is way ahead. Go, Rebecca!

  6. I am going to make a bold prediction that Rebecca takes the whole enchilada tonight, no runoff.

  7. I donno. Daniel Boone has good name recognition.

  8. James F says: “I am going to make a bold prediction that Rebecca takes the whole enchilada tonight, no runoff.”

    There are two Rebeccas. I assume you’re speaking of Rebecca Bell-Metereau in the District 5 Dem primary. She’ll have her work cut out for her, because Tuggey is losing big to Mercer, and she’ll have to beat Mercer in the general election.

  9. Indeed, I meant Dr. Bell-Metereau. I cannot fathom how Tuggey is losing to Mercer. Meanwhile, the Ratliff-McLeroy race is a nail-biter. Don McLeroy pulled ahead briefly but now with over 16% of the votes in, Thomas Ratliff is back in the lead. Tincy Miller’s district can’t seem to be bothered to count the votes. Bob Craig looks to be heading to victory.

  10. If either McLeroy, Mercer, or Russell (the Dunbar clone) loses, the creationist power block is significantly weakened. It’s still early, but so far, only McLeroy appears to be in trouble.

  11. It’s a safe bet that Russell won’t break 50%, so we get another crack at him if he wins tonight. Meanwhile, with almost a quarter of the votes in, Thomas Ratliff is clinging to the lead…love it. They’re starting to call races (e.g., Bill White).

  12. The McLeroy race is almost 50-50, and about a third of the precincts have reported. It’s going to be an all-nighter.

  13. That does it, I’m calling District 15 for Bob Craig. Hallelujah. Rives called Eugenie Scott the “arch-Darwinist,” you know where that was going.

    Amazing – with over 46% of the votes in, Thomas Ratliff is ahead by 2 points. Go, go, go!

    Meanwhile…WTH is going with District 10? Tincy Miller is losing?

  14. With a heavy heart, I call District 5 GOP for Ken Mercer. Major downer.

  15. WTH is going with District 10? Tincy Miller is losing?

    Her family had some recent problems … their home was seized for back taxes, despite their (supposedly) being super-rich.

  16. And AP called District 3 for Tony Cunningham. Who appears to be, shall we say, not up to the task, making things look even better for Prof. Michael Soto in the general election. That, and the creationists wanted Joanie Muenzler to win. Double-score.

  17. I call District 5 GOP for Ken Mercer.

    Worse, by the figures I’m seeing, even if all the Tuggey voters crossed party lines and voted for Dr. B-M in November, they still wouldn’t match Mercer’s totals. Stupid must be a major vote getter in that district

  18. Re the article on Cunningham:

    “He is making mockery of the system and it would be disastrous if by some fluke he actually got elected.”

    Too late. There’s already been Mercer, McLeroy, Dunbar, Leo …

  19. Perhaps it’s time to introduce some stealth atheists into school board elections. That strategy seems to be working for those stealth creationists introduced a few years ago.

    Curms, because of you, I spend more time worrying about US elections than Canadian ones.

  20. Looks like Marsha Farney vs. Brian Russell in the runoff for District 10. Less than a percentage point difference for most of the night. Gotta defeat Russell-heir-of-Dunbar now.

  21. My final post for the night:

    With over 93% of the votes in, Ratliff leads by just over 1,100 votes.

    DonMcLeroy: “I think I lost.”

  22. Everyone sing!

    The eyes of Curmy are on Texas
    All the live long day
    The eyes of Curmy are on Texas
    To the Cretards’ great dismay.
    Do not think you can escape them,
    At night, or early in the morn’.
    The eyes of Curmy are on Texas,
    And McLeroy’s forlorn…