Texas SBOE Primary Runoff: 13 April

Marsha Farney (left), Brian Russell (right)

THIS is a reminder that the party primary elections for the Texas State Board of Education (see Post-Election Roundup) left Texans with a runoff election to decide which Republican will be running in the November general election.

The runoff is in District 10 for the seat currently held by Cynthia Dunbar, who isn’t running for re-election. It was Dunbar who recently purged Thomas Jefferson and the Enlightenment from the American Revolution (see Embracing the Dark Ages).

There was a spirited contest to see who would be the GOP candidate in Dunbar’s place. See Dunbar’s Seat. Brian Russell and Marsha Farney were the top two candidates in the primary, both finishing ahead of Rebecca Osborne. So Russell and Farney will be in a runoff election on 13 April. The winner will then face Democrat Judy Jennings in the November general election. Here’s Jennings’ campaign website.

Brian Russell is Dunbar’s chosen successor, so there should be no doubts about his fitness for the office. If you’re new to this, here’s our previously-posted opinion of Russell’s enthusiastic patron:

What does your Curmudgeon think of Dunbar? Regarding the creationist-theocratic majority on the SBOE, it’s very difficult to say that one is more ignorant than the others, or more deranged, or more destructive. Even our Slime-O-Meter fails us. On that instrument’s scale, starting at Ankle Deep and gradually increasing through the grades of Knee Deep, Hip Deep, Chest Deep, Neck Deep, all the way to the maximum reading of Deluge, we find that Dunbar is off the scale.

After the primary runoff is decided, there will be a couple of further elections in November. Those will determine the ideological nature of the SBOE for the foreseeable future. Will it continue to be creationist and theocratic, or will reason prevail?

We’ve just discussed the contest for Dunbar’s seat. If Farney wins next month’s runoff and is Jennings’ opponent, either one will probably be okay. But if Russell is the GOP candidate, the November election will be especially important.

The other big contest for November will be in District 5. That’s where the incumbent, Ken “Dog-Cat” Mercer (who dismisses evolution by asking: “Have you ever seen a dog-cat, or a cat-rat?”) survived a primary challenge from Tim Tuggey. Dog-Cat Mercer will be running against the gracious and intelligent Rebecca Bell-Metereau, who handily defeated all of her opponents in the Democrat primary. Rebecca’s website is here: Rebecca Bell-Metereau.

The Russell-Farney runoff will be on 13 April. That’s only four Tuesdays away.

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