Texas Is Descending Into Madness

WE keep finding news stories about the creationist theocratic lunacy in Texas. In the Houston Chronicle we read State senator urges closing the book on state ed board. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

It is time to consider abolishing the State Board of Education because its distractions over cultural wars are hurting public education, Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, said Tuesday.

He said he plans to file legislation to get rid of the 15-member elected board when the Legislature returns to its regular session in January.

Not a bad idea. Let’s read on:

The social conservatives on the board “seem to be more focused on cultural wars and on their own personal biases than they are on the education of our kids,” he said. “In one breath, this faction will speak of a need to return to a more fundamental understanding of freedoms based in, say, the Declaration of Independence. Then, they work to revise Thomas Jefferson’s views on separation of church and state.”

Gasp! Creationists behaving irrationally? How could that happen? We continue:

David Bradley, R-Beaumont, one of the board’s social conservative leaders, noted that 15 bills aimed at stripping the board of its influence went nowhere in the Legislature last year. The only bill signed into law required State Board of Education meetings to be broadcast via the Internet.

True, but the Texas Senate also refused to confirm the Governor’s appointment of Don McLeroy as SBOE chairman, so some genuine good came out of last year’s legislature. Here’s more:

Board Chairwoman Gail Lowe said the board’s work has been distorted by “far left” critics and said the board’s recent votes corrected significant omissions by the experts it consulted, resulting in “the type of well-balanced history curriculum the majority of Texas parents want for their children.”

Well-balanced. For the children. Although it’s juvenile, we respond with a hearty BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Here’s how we see it: The State Board of Education was elected. True, those are usually small-turnout affairs, but still — it’s an elected body. People have a right to the government they want — even if most of them are crazy.

When Texas gets around to killing witches and heretics, the few rational citizens will flee, and the result will be what pundits call a “failed state.” There are many in the world. One more won’t make much difference.

We haven’t yet seen a failed state within the US, but no one cares about the Constitution any more, so there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen here. Louisiana is almost in that category now, and Texas is well on the way. They should have the government they want.

Therefore, we say: Crazy people of Texas, your Curmudgeon supports you!

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2 responses to “Texas Is Descending Into Madness

  1. There was a segment on “The Daily Show” last week showing clips of our favorite Texas SBOE members. Rather amusing:

  2. Curmudgeon, your fears are just beginning. I hate to be the one to say this, but I heard it from a good source that the BOE theocrats will be appointed to a new state department which critics have been calling the “Department of Theocracy.” Whatever it is called, it will have far more authority than a mere BOE. Given the size and influence of Texas, this will be the most important step towards establishing a national religion. I heard that the official announcement will be made next week, probably Thursday.