A Street Preacher Opposes Evolution

WE present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Evolution Believed by Fools, Fanatics, and Fakers!, which appears in the Canada Free Press. They style themselves “a conservative free press,” whatever that may mean to them. It seems to be more than a blog. Wikipedia has a brief entry about them, which informs us: “Canada Free Press is a Canadian website, which publishes conservative news stories, features, and editorials. It is published in Toronto.”

The author is someone named Dr. Don Boys. Canada Free Press has this profile page about him. He’s said to be “a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives.” Wait — we found more information: Dr. Don Boys. Here you go:

Dr. Don Boys was born in West Virginia, and received his early education there. Following his salvation as a teen, he preached on the streets of Huntington, in the jails, parks and missions. He entered Moody Bible Institute immediately after high school, was married and continued his education at Tennessee Temple College, Immanuel College and Heritage Baptist University where he earned his Ph.D.

We can’t find a website for Heritage Baptist University, but we express no opinion about them. Anyway, we know you’re intrigued by the provocative title of Dr. Boys’ article, so let’s dig in without further delay. It’s long, so we’ll only give you some excerpts, with bold added by us:

My recent article titled, “DNA in Your Body Could Reach to the Sun and Back — 70 Times” caused a stir in different parts of the world. I especially had unusual responses from Canada Free Press readers. I have never followed the results of my articles but did so because of the volume, vileness, and viciousness of responders. Those atheists/evolutionists really get angry when their religion is debunked!

We recall seeing that article. We briefly glanced at it, but it was too goofy, even for us. Let’s read on:

One wrote, “This is the dumbest g** d*** article I’ve ever read in my life.” Well, that is his opinion but not well expressed. May I point out that he did not try to refute it? Wonder why? Could it be because he is dumb as a box of rocks? No one can tell me where and how DNA gets its information. Information must have a Source. A book does not compile itself. A computer code does not create itself. Only fools, fanatics, and fakers believe such nonsense and non-science.

Way to slam back! Dr. Boys then describes some other responses he received, and seems to thrive on the criticism. After that he says:

Of course, the “experts” have been wrong numerous times, often even perpetrating fraud to convince others of the validity of their religion. How about Haeckel’s Recapitulation Theory, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Vestigial organs, the silly Hopeful Monster Theory, the now infamous horse series found in almost all evolutionary texts, the peppered moths of England, etc.? When I ask such questions, evolutionists get as uncomfortable as a dog in hot ashes.

Your Curmudgeon too would be uncomfortable in the presence of someone who asked such astoundingly uninformed questions. It’s just plain creepy to be in the company of such people. We continue:

Furthermore, I assume my readers know that Chuck Darwin was not trained as a scientist; only an apostate preacher. I agree that he should have “stayed in his field.” But, alas he did not.

“Chuck” Darwin — just an “apostate preacher.” Thus sayeth Dr. Boys, former street preacher. Here’s more:

But forget refuting my DNA arguments …

Was there an argument? We didn’t notice. But we interrupted Dr. Boys’ sentence. He continues:

… and tell me how the Universe got here without God. If anyone can do so then this day has been successful. Some of my critics wiggle around this Big Issue by saying evolution only deals with life on earth once it started. They always want to visit Darwin’s warm little pond for which there is absolutely no evidence. Every evolutionist has to teach spontaneous generation of life but no true scientist believes such drivel. Evolutionists all want to start the discussion after life arises. Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt.

That dog hunts just fine. Dr. Boys then goes back to the responses he received from his critics. The article ends with one of them:

My critic wrote, “So, again, let’s not just say ‘We dunno, God did it!’ Let’s be scientists and study it instead shall we?”

Here’s Dr. Boys’ reply to that, and the bold font is his:

Well, since God really did do it, are we not obligated to say, “God did it”? It is not very scientific to declare an untruth as a truth as atheists and evolutionists do all the while proclaiming how “scientific” they are. Evolutionists want to study the Darwinian Myth and they will study how it happened, when it happened but not if it happened.

And this is his final paragraph:

What turned objective, honest scientists into propagandists, publicists, and promoters of the false religion of evolution?

We know the answer, don’t we, dear reader? It’s their uncontrollable lust for money, power, and women.

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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5 responses to “A Street Preacher Opposes Evolution

  1. “We can’t find a website for Heritage Baptist University”

    It merged with Indiana Baptist College around 1985. That college only offers bachelor degrees, though you can get masters degrees through its affiliated Indiana Baptist Seminary.

    BTW, I notice one can buy http://www.heritagebaptistuniversity.com/ for $275

  2. RogerE says: “BTW, I notice one can buy http://www.heritagebaptistuniversity.com/ for $275″

    For an extra $5, I think you can get a doctorate.

  3. retiredsciguy

    Hmm. Dr. Don Boys. Curmy, I think you’ve uncovered the identity of the Time Cube guy.

  4. What a load of drivel. I have to wonder if the comments he received were really that bad, or he just skipped the ones that answered his questions but he didn’t understand. Given that he brought up Piltdown and Nebraska Man, and that awful “evolutionists don’t want to discuss where life came from” thing, I doubt he’s got a clue beyond outdated creationist dogma.

  5. Oh golly… the comments are way worse. Even Darwin’s deathbed recantation gets an airing. (So far, there’s one reply from the rational side, but it seems to have been cut in half so it’s not coherent.) The whole thing lives down to the opinions the Panda’s Thumb regulars have of conservatives…