Noah’s Flood Started 4,300 Years Ago Today

YOUR Curmudgeon has been hard at work, researching the date for the start of Noah’s Flood. How did we conduct our research? Simple — we looked at a few creationist sources.

Wikipedia reports that according to the Ussher chronology, the Flood was in 2348 BC. That’s a good starting point.

We wanted some truly expert confirmation for a matter of such importance, so we went to Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of creationist wisdom. They have this article at their website: The Date of Noah’s Flood. AIG says, with bold font added by us:

Does the Bible contain sufficient chronological data to enable us to put a time on Noah’s Flood? I believe it does and I believe it does this so clearly that no doubt should remain either about the timing or the nature of this judgment by God upon this earth.

Hey, this is really interesting — the article gives us a list of AIG’s axioms:

Firstly, I will take a brief look at the assumptions or starting points which I will use. I must assume or believe to be true that the information about dates does exist in the Bible (otherwise I would not start to look).

I must assume that such information is reliable and the writers did not set out to deceive. (This assumption must be made about any historical document before it is examined.) Therefore if I find apparent contradictory evidence in the text, I will first assume that a problem exists in my understanding rather than the text.

Thirdly, I assume that since the Bible is God’s revealed word to man, it is accurate and therefore will not conflict with true historical information derived from outside the Biblical text.

Lastly, I assume that the best way of using information from one part of the Bible is to use it the way the Biblical writers used it or referred to it in other parts of the Bible.

All right, we’ve got our assumptions under control. That gives us confidence. After a great deal of genealogical information from scripture is discussed, AIG tells us:

The Biblical data places the Flood at 2304 BC +/- 11 years.

That’s 24 years earlier than Ussher’s date, but if you can’t trust the creation scientists at AIG to get it right, then there’s just no hope. Also, AIG allows eleven years of wiggle room. And we all know there was no year Zero. That leaves us free to adjust AIG’s estimate to our convenience, add the 2,010 AD years to that, and conclude that the Flood was precisely 4,300 years ago.

What — you didn’t like our arithmetic? We don’t care, we’re sticking with it.

But what about the exact month and day for the start of the Flood? It’s not easy to locate information on that, but we found some. According to What year was the Biblical flood of Noah’s ark?, the door to the Ark was shut on “the 17th day of the second month,” and we’re told that’s 21 May.

But that same source informs us that the year was “4990bc, exactly 6023 years after creation.” That’s much earlier than either the Ussher date or the AIG date, so we’ll ignore it. Is their date of 21 May reliable? Maybe not.

This atheist source says:

According to Archbishop James Ussher, “Noah’s Flood” began on November 25, 2348 BCE.

That’s the same year Wikipedia gives us from Ussher’s chronology, but we don’t know about that date in November. Was that Ussher’s date? Maybe, we haven’t checked. Anyway, it’s certainly not 21 May.

Because of all the scholarly confusion on this subject, we feel perfectly justified in selecting a date to suit ourselves, so we’ve chosen April First. It’s easy to remember, and that’s an important consideration.

Therefore, be it known: Today, 01 April 2010, is precisely the 4,300th anniversary of the start of the Flood.

Now get out there and celebrate.

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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4 responses to “Noah’s Flood Started 4,300 Years Ago Today

  1. The Curmudgeon exhorts us:

    Now get out there and celebrate.

    Hear, hear! And what would be more appropriate for the occasion than to drown ourselves in a flood of Kool-Aid?

    Bottoms up! à votre santé!

  2. You may be interested in this from

    The Country Diary of Garden Lore suggests that April Fool “is thought to commemorate the fruitless mission of the rook (the European crow), who was sent out in search of land from Noah’s flood-encircled ark.”

  3. longshadow

    Therefore, be it known: Today, 01 April 2010, is precisely the 4,300th anniversary of the start of the Flood.

    Standard or daylight savings time?

  4. Longie mimics Clarence Darrow and asks:

    Standard or daylight savings time?

    The earth was flat then, so there was only one time zone.