Texas Creationism Showdown: More Press Attention

A few days ago we posted Texas Creationism: The Press is Aroused about an article in the Austin American-Statesman discussing the Texas State Board of Education. Now another Austin newspaper is joining in.

The Austin Chronicle has an interesting editorial titled The ‘Chronicle’ Endorsements. It’s about their picks in the 13 April primary run-off election. Most of the races they talk about don’t interest us, but one certainly does. We’ve written about it before: Texas SBOE Primary Runoff: 13 April

Here’s the entire paragraph they have on this contest. We’ll break it into smaller segments, with bold added by us. It starts with a sub-headline, announcing their choice:

State Board of Education, District 10: Marsha Farney

Very good. Let’s read what they say:

As we wrote earlier, the defining distinction in SBOE races has shifted from “Dem vs. GOP” to “Crazy vs. Not Crazy.”

An excellent beginning! We continue:

The Republican ouster of former chair and champion of ignorance Don McLeroy by an active supporter of public education, Thomas Ratliff, suggests that even GOP voters can only stomach so much foolishness and that moderates have risen to challenge the board’s fundamentalist bloc.

We like this editorial. “Champion of ignorance Don McLeroy” has a certain ring to it. Here’s more:

The District 10 race is in part a referendum on the dreadful single term of anti-public school propagandist Cynthia Dunbar; she handpicked fellow right-wing ideologue Brian Russell as her successor.

This is consistently good! Moving along:

Russell laments McLeroy’s defeat, homeschools his own children, and is determined to continue the conservative culture war on public education.

What can your Curmudgeon say about someone handpicked by Dunbar who “laments McLeroy’s defeat”? There’s no need for us to say anything. The Austin Chronicle has done our work for us.

Here’s the end of this section of the editorial:

We recommend instead former teacher Farney, who holds a doctorate in education and has run a nonideological, education-based campaign to face Democrat Judy Jennings in November.

It looks like some bright people are working at the Austin Chronicle.

The runoff is 13 April — eleven days away. We’ll be watching.

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2 responses to “Texas Creationism Showdown: More Press Attention

  1. I think that Farney is running a very savvy campaign. Russell attacked her on the basis of her husband’s donation to Barack Obama during the Presidential primaries, and her response was not only thorough, but also took Russell to task for his failure to donate to any Republican candidates. I don’t agree with all of the candidates she has endorsed, but I much prefer her to Dunbar clone Russell. If at least 50% of Rebecca Osborne’s supporters break for Farney (which would be reasonable, as I suspect that they like the idea of an educator on the SBOE) she’ll take it.

  2. With the defeat of Little Lord McLeroy, I think the rational Republicans are waking up to the damage that the radical regressives have wreaked on the public education system in Texas. Let’s hope Marsha Farney can connect with enough mainstream voters to seal the doom of irrationality in the TSBOE District 10.