Creationism in Kilgore, Texas School Board Election

IN the Kilgore News Herald of Kilgore, Texas we read Candidates cover variety of topics. The candidates are running for positions on the Kilgore Independent School District. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

About 75 likely voters were at Forest Home Baptist Church Tuesday to hear school board candidates offer opinions on teaching evolution, school uniforms and TAKS tests.

It’s interesting that evolution was on the agenda. Let’s read on:

Forever in God We Trust, a group whose mission is to make sure “God stays in our government,” hosted the forum. Dale Sistrunk, president of that group and a sitting member of the school board, was spokesman for the group. Manny Almanza served as moderator.

Let’s see now … Sistrunk is already on the school board. He’s also the head of a group that wants to keep God in government, and that group hosted this affair at a Baptist church. Okay, we get the picture. On with the article:

Sistrunk [president of Forever in God We Trust] allowed each candidate a couple of minutes to introduce themselves. The format called for Almanza [the forum moderator] to read a question and each of the candidates in attendance to answer in turn.

Can you guess what the first question was? Here it comes:

What is your position on the Texas Education Agency position on teaching evolution vs creationism?

How did the candidates answer? We won’t keep you in suspense:

• Scott Montgomery: Both options should be presented.

• Jimmy Rieves: I have a difficult time with the legislature telling us what to teach. I do believe both need to be presented.

• Jimmy Faye Myers: There has to be a presentation of both sides. Evolution is change. Most teachers can teach a Christian background… they don’t have to go by exactly what TEA says.

• Karl Riley: God comes first. It all goes back top local control.

• Jimmy Kinsey: Evolution is a theory. I believe in God; I believe we teach God at home… We do have to teach what the government says; what we teach at home is our business.

Hey, three of the candidates are named “Jimmy.” And one of them is “Jimmy Faye.” Maybe one of the others is “Jimmy Sue.” If you live in Kilgore and you can’t remember someone’s name, “Jimmy” seems the safe bet.

As you’ve probably figured out, Kinsey’s answer is the only one we find acceptable, and he’s a “Jimmy” too. But he must have upset the head of Forever in God We Trust.

That was the only issue we cared about, so now we’ll take our leave of Kilgore. We are confident that the children will receive the kind of education the voters think is appropriate. Bless ’em all.

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