One Millionth Visitor at the Creation Museum

WE herewith inform you of the depressing news from Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of creationist wisdom. This article at their website boasts: Millionth Guest Visits Creation Museum.

This is, alas, the inevitable follow-up to what we posted in August of 2008: 500,000th Visitor at the Creation Museum. That post has background information and ticket prices. Their prices haven’t changed, as you can see here, at the museum’s “tickets” page.

Too lazy to click? Here you go then — an adult’s admission costs $21.95. It’s less for kids and seniors. Cheap, mind-numbing fun for the whole family!

Think about it. If they average, say, 20 bucks per head, the math isn’t very difficult — that’s $20 million at the gate. Plus more from the sale of books, tapes, and maybe dinosaur saddles too. The true founder of this museum was probably P. T. Barnum.

Okay, here are some excerpts from the AIG article, with bold added by us:

PETERSBURG, Ky., April 26, 2010 – Just over a month away from its third anniversary, the world-renowned, high-tech Creation Museum welcomed its one millionth guest this morning, once again exceeding annual attendance expectations for the third year in a row.

Yeah, “world-renowned.” It’s truly the mecca of the mindless. Let’s read on:

“We are excited to welcome our one millionth guest today, and we are grateful that God continues to bless this ministry with such strong attendance in a challenging economy,” museum and Answers in Genesis (AiG) President and Co-Founder Ken Ham said. “While we pause to recognize our one millionth visitor today, we want every museum guest to know that they are special to our ministry and are the reason we built this museum in the first place.

A very pretty speech. So who was the millionth visitor? Here it comes:

After receiving congratulations from Ken Ham, Mr. Joe Brown of Dayton, Ohio was presented with a gift basket including one night’s accommodation at the Radisson Riverfront in northern Kentucky, a $50 gift certificate at 360 (the revolving restaurant atop the hotel), a NKJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible, several DVDs and books, complimentary tickets to other attractions in the region, and a lifetime family museum membership. The prize package total value is over $2,000.

Joe Brown of Dayton is a lucky man! He can proudly brag about this accomplishment all the rest of his days.

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9 responses to “One Millionth Visitor at the Creation Museum

  1. darwinsbulldog

    It’s all about $$$ and showing everyone how much of it you have!

  2. Over 1 Million Served!!!

    (a huge, steaming pile of bullsh*t in lambs clothing!)

  3. That’s really not that an impressive amount of visitors. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science sold 660,000 tickets for ONE exhibit this year.

  4. darwinsbulldog

    But I wonder how long it takes new natural history museums or science centers to get their 1 millionth – perhaps what astounding about the numbers is that the Creation Museum did it in less than 3 years.

  5. Let’s see…it took 14 months for the first 500,000 (35,714/mth), then 20 months for the next 500,000 (25,000/mth). That’s a 30% decrease in attendance. One can hope the curiosity factor is running out and people are beginning to see what a joke this “museum” really is.

  6. ps. Cue the huge cake with Jesus riding a dinosaur, wax crosses for candles, and Patti Smith music!

  7. Well, I feel gypped. I paid $28 to the Field Museum last Saturday. They did have a good 3-D movie about Dinosaurs, and a baby mammoth. I learned some things, though. There used to be a bipedal crocodillian, and I had no idea that mammoths are far more closely related to elephants than to mastodons. They also have a new gemstone exibit. I guess the extra $6 was worth it.

  8. Gabriel Hanna

    Any of you heard of the Seattle Art Museum? No? I wouldn’t guess you had; it’s not the Prado or the Louvre.

    In 2007 alone it had almost 800,000 visitors. In 1978, the Tutankhamen exhibit drew 1.3 million visitors in four months.

    Like all creationist arguments, “one million visitors” only sounds impressive when divorced from context.

  9. It’s as true as ever:

    “There are people who believe that dinosaurs and men lived together. That they roamed the Earth at the same time. There are museums that children go to, in which they build dioramas to show them this. And what this is, purely and simply, is a clinical psychotic reaction. They are crazy. They are stone…cold…f***…nuts. I can’t be kind about this, because these people are watching The Flintstones as if it were a documentary.”

    -Lewis Black