School Board #69 Election in Montana

IN the West Yellowstone News of West Yellowstone, Montana we read Meet the candidates: School board election guide. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

West Yellowstone School District No. 69 is holding an election at the school library from noon to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 4, to fill one seat on its board of trustees, as well as a levy increase proposition.

Incumbent Brad Loomis is running for a third term, along with candidates David Arnado, Rachael Burden, Clint Fowler and Sandi Peppler.

Why do we care about such a minor event — even if it is in School District 69? It’s because The Controversy between evolution and creationism often manifests itself in such situations. Most voters don’t pay attention to such elections, and many boards end up populated by ostensibly civic-minded people who are utterly unqualified to make decisions about science curricula and texts, but who often imagine themselves to be on a divinely ordained mission to teach creationism in government schools.

So let’s read on:

The News posed the following four questions to each of the five candidates: … Do you believe that creationism or intelligent design should be taught public schools? Please explain.

That’s the only question we care about, and we’ll skip the answers of three candidates that were acceptable. Here are the answers of the two creationists. The first of those is the incumbent:

Brad Loomis: In my opinion, creationism or intelligent design should be taught in public schools as an option. I find it strange that schools can teach the evolution theory or the big bang theory but not teach intelligent design as an option. This great nation was built acknowledging God.

Obviously a brilliant man, and he’s already been on the board for two terms. We continue now with the answer of one of his challengers:

Sandi Peppler: Both theories should be explored in school. Scientifically there are many mysteries of the universe that have not been explained or have “yet” to be explained. Religion/God is a great part of an individual’s heritage & should not be discriminated against. God should be allowed in school as an individual’s heritage. Our country’s beliefs were founded on God and I still believe in those beliefs.

So there you are. The people of West Yellowstone already have a fine, flaming creationist on the board. They can choose to keep him, replace him with one of three competent challengers, or they can swap him for the lone creationist challenger. No doubt, the wisdom of the electorate in School District No. 69 will prevail.

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