Ronda Storms: 2010 Legislative Wrap-up

Buffoon Award

THE Buffoon logo is for Ronda Storms, the creationist queen of the Florida Senate back in 2008. See: Buffoon Award Winner — Ronda Storms. Here’s Rapturous Ronda’s page at the Florida Senate’s website.

Ronda has been somewhat subdued during this legislative session. We only posted about her activities twice. See: Ronda Storms and Naked School Boys, about her bill that would require all Florida school districts to supervise locker rooms and showers at all times. Then see Ronda Storms & Prayer in Florida Schools. That wasn’t Ronda’s bill, but she was actively interested in it.

Now that the Florida legislature has concluded its session, we’ll give you a brief summary of Ronda’s accomplishments. In the St. Petersburg Times we read Education legislation runs deeper than SB 6. That headline refers to some legislation we don’t care about here, but the body of the story tells us how Ronda’s activities have worked out. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Locker room supervision (SB 2602): Spurred by allegations of rape in an unsupervised Tampa middle school locker room, Sen. Ronda Storms sought to mandate the rooms be supervised or locked up. The bill never made it through the Senate.

If you were hoping to land a job supervising adolescent lads in the shower, you’ll be disappointed. But at least Ronda tried. Let’s read on:

Religious freedom (HB 31): A bill allowing “inspirational messages” including prayer at noncompulsory high school events was watered down to simply prevent school districts from entering into agreements that infringe upon employee or student First Amendment rights. It still drew criticism as tying religion and state, but passed both houses.

As amended, that bill is probably meaningless. Now it goes to the governor for signing. Maybe Ronda will take the lead on this vital issue next year, with a bill allowing explicit prayers to be conducted in public schools by government employees.

Well, we’re afraid that’s it for this year. Ronda didn’t provide us with much entertainment, but we doubt that she’s lost any of her creationist zeal. We’re expecting big things from her the next time the legislature is in session.

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2 responses to “Ronda Storms: 2010 Legislative Wrap-up

  1. Well, getting meaningless laws passed is part of a legislators job, otherwise they couldn’t justify their time.

  2. Maybe Ronda will take the lead on this vital issue next year, with a bill allowing explicit prayers to be conducted in public schools by government employees.

    If so, Ronda will be successful as teachers are already allowed to pray in school. Its leading students in prayer, spending class time on it, etc… that’s verboten, not prayer itself.

    Of course it wouldn’t surprise me if fundamentalists suddenly decided that its a religious requirement for them to use whatever office they hold to coerce religious participation from others, and complain that not allowing them to coerce others infringes on their beliefs.