Congressman Mark Souder: 04 May Election Results

Buffoon Award

04 May 2010 Indiana Primary Election Results
[Winner: Souder the Creationist]

THE link in the red box is to the website of the Indiana Secretary of State where returns are posted for the Republican primary election being held on 04 May 2010. Mark Souder, the incumbent, is being challenged by Gregory (Greg) Dickman, Phillip J. (Phil) Troyer, and Bob Thomas.

We don’t yet know if the results will be dynamically updated. Even if you keep the race results open in a separate browser tab, you may need to refresh it from time to time to stay up-to-date.

The website of the Indiana Secretary of State’s Elections Division has a place where all election returns are posted. Go here Indiana Primary Election, May 4, 2010 to begin your search if you’re interested in other election contests.

We last wrote about Souder’s campaign here: Mark Souder, Creationist: Election 04 May. That post didn’t generate much attention, but your Curmudgeon cares about this one.

The competition for “Biggest Idiot in Congress” is ferocious. Every galaxy-class fool in the US seems to be there, fighting for the title. But Souder easily stands out from the rest as being especially idiotic. He won our Buffoon Award for saying: “I personally believe that there is no issue more important to our society than intelligent design.” See: Buffoon Award Winner — Mark Souder, Creationist Congressman.

There are no election results available yet, but we wanted to post early so you’d have a place to check for news.

In closing, we once again paraphrase Cato the Elder’s famous postscript, which he added to all his speeches in the Roman senate before the Third Punic War: Souder delenda est. Souder must be defeated!

Update: Mark Souder, Creationist Fool, Resigns!

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7 responses to “Congressman Mark Souder: 04 May Election Results

  1. Thegoodman

    I am a Hoosier but unfortunately I do not live in District 3. I hope with all of my heart that this imbecile is not elected.

    I do agree with him about one thing. “I personally believe that there is no issue more important to our society than intelligent design.” ID in the classroom is one of the biggest issues in America today, I just happen to be on the other side of the fence. Ya know, the logical and sane side.

  2. Two of the eight counties have already turned in 100% of their votes. Souder is winning by about 5,000 votes.

  3. Also see an Indianapolis TV station called him the winner 2 hours ago.

  4. Well, if Souder wins it’s bad for the GOP, the Congress, and the world. But it’s good for the blog. Gotta look for the silver lining.

  5. Five of eight counties have fully reported in. Souder is ahead by almost 8,000 votes.

  6. Doesn’t look good. This Associated Press article says: “Elsewhere, Rep. Mark Souder easily won the GOP nomination in the 3rd District after a nasty campaign; Souder will face Democrat Tom Hayhurst in the fall.”

    I guess I’ll put that news in the red box at the top of the post.