Legislation Watch: Missouri and South Carolina

THE last two states this year to still be considering anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism legislation are Missouri and South Carolina. Not much is happening with the bills in those states so far, but that too is news.

Let’s consider Missouri first. Our last report was here: Missouri Creationism: New Bill for 2010. Using this handy-dandy link to track the progress of HB 1651 through the Missouri House, we learn that as of 06 May no hearings are scheduled and the bill is currently not on any calendar.

We think the Missouri legislative session ends on 29 May, so maybe, like the identical bill last year, this abomination will die in committee.

The only other state still threatened with such foolishness is South Carolina. Our last report was here: Creationist Bill Filed in South Carolina. That unfortunate state has two creationist bills that have been pending since last year.

Both bills are the work of Senator Michael Fair, a hard-core, full-blown creationist who has been promoting such laws in his state for years. Here’s his page at the website of the South Carolina legislature.

Nothing is happening with either of Fair’s two bills — they’re just sitting in committee. Perhaps they’ll die there. The legislative session is scheduled to adjourn on 03 June, or maybe 16 June. We’re not certain of the date, but it’s in June.

So far this year, pro-creationism bills have failed in Colorado, Kentucky, and Mississippi. There have been several local school board flare-ups, but that’s relatively trivial stuff. This has been a good year for advocates of reason, except for Texas — but that’s another story.

Update: See Missouri Creationism Bill Goes Extinct.

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2 responses to “Legislation Watch: Missouri and South Carolina

  1. Actually, I think Colorado was unscathed this year. Hopefully the Missouri and South Carolina bills will follow the long-standing tradition of dying.

  2. There are about a half-dozen states whose legislatures meet all year long, so there still could be a surprise or two.