Texas Creationism & Theocracy: Meeting Guide

YOUR Curmudgeon herewith provide a convenient set of resources so you can easily follow the fireworks at today’s meeting of the Texas State Board of Education (the SBOE):

Here is the SBOE’s website with their agenda for today’s meeting: May 2010 Committee of the Full Board. It’s not very informative; but if you click over there, note that the page is for a three-day period. You’ll need to scroll down to the 19th.

Perhaps of greater use is this page of Live and Archived Audio Broadcasts, which reminds us that:

Webcasts of State Board of Education meetings became available in September 2009. Archived audiocasts are available from 2004 through August 2009.

Nothing has started yet, but when it does, go here for a live video of the meeting. Links to archived videos are also at that page.

Update: The live feed link is working now, but you need the right software to see it: view live broadcast. If we learn of an audio-only link we’ll let you know.

If you want to know who the players are, this page lists the SBOE members. You already know that the most reliable creationist-theocrats are Don McLeroy, Cynthia Dunbar, Ken Mercer, and Gail Lowe. Lowe is the newly-appointed chairman of the Board. Dependable votes for creationism last year also came from Terri Leo, David Bradley, and Barbara Cargill. We assume they’re theocrats too.

That’s seven names out of a 15-member board. The eighth vote is likely to be Rick Agosto, who votes whichever way the wind blows. That’s how the crazy stuff has been getting approved. The other members of the 15-member board have been reliably sane — but one never knows. This is Texas.

Okay, everyone. The lights are dimming and the orchestra is warming up, so please find your seats — and remember to turn off your cellphones. The curtain is ready to rise …

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6 responses to “Texas Creationism & Theocracy: Meeting Guide

  1. Correct, rubble. They do a great job. I wish someone could find me an audio link.

  2. I wish I was there to see this in person. I’ll just have to make do with the excellent TFN coverage as I read in horror from 1,100 miles away.

  3. Hi, Marisa. Hey, everybody — it’s Rebecca Bell-Metereau’s daughter.

  4. It is indeed. Despite having gone through 12 years of public education in Texas, I have emerged as a functioning member of society–one who’s current dream is to see her mother elected to the State Board of Education. Perhaps because she gave me life, but also because something has to be done by someone with a brain. We can’t leave it up to creationist dentists and men with Biology degrees who don’t “believe” in evolutionary theory, as if that were something one could opt out of.

  5. Marisa Bell-Metereau, we’re with you. I want your mom to beat “Dog-Cat” Mercer.