Australian Creationism: Queensland To Teach ID?

OUR last cyber-visit to Australia was here Australian Creationism: Two News Items, and things seemed more or less under control down there. But apparently, living on the underside of the earth has its problems.

In the Courier-Mail, a daily newspaper published in Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland, we read Intelligent design to be taught in Queensland schools under national curriculum. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

CREATIONISM and intelligent design will be taught in Queensland state schools for the first time as part of the new national curriculum.


The issue of creationism being taught in schools has caused huge controversy in the US, where some fundamentalist religious schools teach it as a science subject instead of Darwin’s theory of evolution. In Queensland schools, creationism will be offered for discussion in the subject of ancient history, under the topic of “controversies”.

Ancient history sounds about right. Let’s read on:

Teachers are still formulating a response to the draft national curriculum, scheduled to be introduced next year.

Ah, it’s not a done deal yet. We continue:

Associated Christian Schools executive officer Lynne Doneley welcomed the draft curriculum, saying it cemented the position of a faith-based approach to teaching.

We talk to students from a faith science basis, but we’re not biased in the delivery of curriculum,” Mrs Doneley said. “We say, ‘This is where we’re coming from’ but allow students to make up their own minds.”

That’s neat — a “faith science basis” but no bias. Hey — they’re all upside-down in Australia, so that’s to be expected. Here’s more:

But Griffith University humanities lecturer Paul Williams said it was important to be cautious about such content. “It’s important that education authorities are vigilant that this is not a blank cheque to push theological barrows,” Mr Williams said.

“I would be loath to see it taught as theory. It’s up there with the world being occupied by aliens since Roswell.

We were wrong — they’re not all upside-down. It’s like the US, where only some are. It adds spice to the challenge of life.

When we get some more news on this, we’ll let you know.

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5 responses to “Australian Creationism: Queensland To Teach ID?

  1. retiredsciguy

    Associated Christian Schools executive officer Lynne Doneley said, “We talk to students from a faith science basis…”

    Sure like to ask her to define “faith science”!

    Does that mean if you jump off a cliff, you can have faith in the law of gravity?

  2. Oh, so great to see my home town in the news 😦

    The irony here is this is from the new national curriculum which is designed to raise standards across the country.

    And… creationism is to be taught only in a histrorical context, not as science.

    Religion is a lot lower key here in this hemisphere, and, more importantly, there is no major political party trying to push teaching “the controversy”. If one of them did, I’d like to think there would be blood in the streets at the annual party conference….. I know I’d be f*&$^@g furious…..

  3. Richard says:

    Oh, so great to see my home town in the news 😦

    Australia sent us Ken Ham. I don’t know how you can recover from that. Perhaps you could help us find some other place that will take him in.

  4. The Curmudgeon said: Australia sent us Ken Ham. I don’t know how you can recover from that.

    Bloody hell mate! How many times do we have to apologize for that!

  5. retiredsciguy

    Curmy, in a later post, you allude to an Australian Rupert Murdoch-Ken Ham axis.
    You might not be too far from the truth.