Ronda Storms: Her Most Rapturous Moment

THIS is purely for nostalgia. Back on 23 April 2008, the Florida Senate passed a bill sponsored by Ronda Storms. It was a copy of the anti-science, anti-evolution, pro-creationism “Teach the Controversy” nonsense promoted by the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture — their intentionally misnamed Academic Freedom Act.

Ronda’s bill passed in the Florida Senate by a vote of 21 Senate creationists for the bill and 17 rational Senators against it. The Florida House soon passed something similar, but there wasn’t enough time remaining in the session to reconcile the two bills, so things didn’t work out for the creationists that year. But it was a close call. See: Florida Evolution Bills Die in Legislature.

We posted twice on the the day of Ronda’s victory, each time briefly: Florida Senate Goes Insane!, and then: Ronda Storms: Creationist Queen of the Florida Senate.

Now we’ve found a video about the event. It’s less than three minutes long. You get to see rapturous Ronda speaking twice. She’s absolutely radiant — this was the highlight of her life. Not only that, but you can also see Stephen Wise speak in favor of the bill. He promoted his own creationism bill the following year — without success.

This isn’t really news, but it’s well worth seeing. You might consider it a portent of things to come. Storms and Wise are still members of the Florida Senate, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them try the same thing again.

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