Jack Chick on Dinosaur Extinction

That comes from one of Jack Chick’s classics: There Go The Dinosaurs. You know you want to read it all. Go ahead. We won’t tell anyone.

Here’s one of our earlier posts on Creationist Comic Books from Jack Chick. That’s where at least 25% of the American population get their science education. You need to be aware of what we’re up against.

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9 responses to “Jack Chick on Dinosaur Extinction

  1. What a classic. I wonder what a sauropod burger would taste like?

    The tract titled “Big Daddy” (evolution) on the same site is a killer. It’s amazing how someone could get so much so wrong in so few frames. Amazing.

  2. Chick says, “God put dragons* and other animals in the ark…” with the note, “*In 1841 they were renamed “dinosaurs”!” That’s amazing since Sir Richard Owen didn’t coin the word until 1842.

    I enjoyed his explanation for why there aren’t any dragons/dinosaurs anymore. The flood destroyed plants which means they didn’t produce oxygen so the air became thin and because big animals need a lot of oxygen, it made dinosaurs slow and easy to catch. The dinosaurs died out because people ate them.

  3. Creationists trying to work dinosaurs into their tapestry… It’s sad and it’s obvious they don’t like having to do it. But there are a few too many fossils to dismiss them all as hoaxes, weird rock formations, or Satan’s attempts to mislead the faithful. Besides, dinosaurs are all over popular media and kids love them, and to deny the dinos would lose the kids forthwith. So they think it’s easy enough to just add a sauropod or two into the Eden landscape, maybe have a pair of stegosauruses going up the ramp into the Ark, and go on as before.

    “Hey, kids! You want dinosaurs? We got dinosaurs!” Problem solved.

    Or is it? From the look of things, the popular-level creationists have no idea how many species of dinosaurs there were. They have no conception of how many species of animals there were before dinosaurs, that dinosaurs were just one part, albeit a spectacular one, of a much larger picture. And ecosystems? Environmental niches? Not a clue. Everything that ever lived lived at the same time before the Flood, Dr. Chick? Just how did *that* ecosystem work, anyway?

    Dinosaurs came with a whole world not quite like ours (i.e., before grass evolved, and flowering plants in general came late in their reign), and you can’t just plug a few of the wee beasties that everyone’s heard about into the modern world and pretend that you’re hep and with it so the kids don’t desert you in droves.

    And that’s not even getting into the weird theological problems. If Noah saved every species of animal, that must have included the dinosaurs, but they died out anyway right after the Flood because the air was thinner (so why did the turkey-sized ones die out, too?) — so it was pretty futile and what was the point? If the T-rex was going to die out anyway, why not just leave it behind and use the space for the unicorn instead?

  4. Ohhhhhh. Now I get it. Thanks, Jack Chick!

  5. A flashback for me. I have a college roommate who was born-again and he used to leave these comics on my bed and desk. I thought they were hilarious. He finally stopped giving them to me because I’d read them and laugh out loud.

  6. airtightnoodle says: “Ohhhhhh. Now I get it.”

    It took you long enough. Another Darwinist saved by Jack Chick!

  7. Deklane, I’m glad you’ve mentioned several things that are just about always overlooked.

    Such as what kind of an ecological system would contain all “kinds” of extinct animals simultaneously. Just think of maintaining all of the varieties of trilobites – and that’s only one corner of the world of life.

  8. retiredsciguy

    So, we should ask Jack Chick why the plesiosaurs became extinct. Obviously, they didn’t need to be brought aboard the ark. Likewise the trilobites.

    And what did Noah feed to the T. Rexes? And the lions, for that matter.

  9. Aaaaaaagh! It burns us precious! It burns us!