Whale Friendships: Proof of Creationism!

THE source of our title comes from Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationism. It’s the third item in AIG’s News to Note, June 12, 2010 (“A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint”). The title of this AIG tidbit is: “Friends Are Friends Forever” — humpback whales’ favorite song, perhaps?

AIG writes in reaction to this delightful BBC story: Humpback whales form friendships that last years. We suggest you read the BBC story, then get back here to see how AIG deals with it. They say, with bold font added by us:

Researchers who have tracked the movements of various types of baleen whales for decades have learned that some humpback whales form lasting bonds with one another and reunite repeatedly as years go by. This is despite the fact that they spend most of the year apart migrating and breeding, and despite the vastness of the ocean that comes to separate them.

Always eager to find evidence for creationism, AIG then says:

While the scientists chalk the whales’ friendships and recognition capabilities up to evolution, to us such friendships among non-humans are an example of God’s creative design.

That’s it! That’s their entire analysis — zero. They merely declare their conclusion. This is typical of creation “science” — whatever is seen, whatever is discovered, it’s all proof of Oogity Boogity!

We can’t leave AIG so quickly. Let’s look at another of their reactions to the week’s news. The next item at the same AIG link is: What do air mattresses have to do with young-earth creation? Enough to earn them a mention in News to Note, it would seem! It’s based on this at the website Science Daily: Self-Healing Air Mattresses Based on Plant Wound Healing? AIG says:

Researchers from the University of Freiburg and Competence Network Biomimetics have successfully imitated one plant’s incredible ability to heal its own membranes. Modeled on the woody climbing plant liana, the team’s “bionic coating” sealing foam can quickly repair holes in structures that contain pressurized gas, such as tires or air mattresses.

Very nice. What does AIG make of it? Check this out:

Every time researchers take a cue from nature in engineering new human technologies, they are indirectly acknowledging the ingenuity of the Creator. As we’ve discussed before, the life-forms around us contain systems far more sophisticated than any designed by humans. If that’s not a testament to intelligent design, what is?

Yes, dear reader, the evidence of Oogity Boogity is everywhere!

You like this stuff, don’t you? Okay, we’ll give you one more from the same AIG link. This one is titled: In what seems like routine news, astronomers have found more evidence that water once flowed on Mars. Their inspiration comes from this BBC news item: Huge seas ‘once existed on Mars’. Read the BBC story, and then get back to us for the creationist reaction. AIG says:

“Huge seas” is the latest speculation, based on evidence of geologic mapping of the Hellas Planitia region of Mars. According to the scientists, the data indicate a lake in the basin of Mars’s largest impact crater around four billion years ago.

Unsurprisingly, what has the researchers excited is evidence that the conditions on Mars were “more favourable for the evolution of life at this time than they were on Earth,” BBC News reports.

Observe how AIG scoffs by calling this news “the latest speculation.” Okay, what does AIG say about it? Here you go:

Of course, the presupposition is that in “favorable” conditions the probability of life evolving is greater than zero.

They’re referring to the sinful “presupposition” of scientists that life may have evolved naturally. That’s in contrast to AIG’s own presupposition — that life couldn’t have evolved, which proves that it’s a miracle.

Nothing new here, folks. Not today, not ever. That’s how it goes in the wonderful world of creationism.

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2 responses to “Whale Friendships: Proof of Creationism!

  1. “Yes, dear reader, the evidence of Oogity Boogity is everywhere!”

    As evidenced by that time-honored and ever-convincing argument that creationists love to give:



  2. It seems as though AiG has conceded that they cannot win the evolution argument and that they are going to shout “GoddiditGoddiditGoddidit” at every scientific advance.